What to wear on a Carnival cruise. Clothes to pack for your Caribbean Carnival cruise including cruise casual and elegant nights explained.

What to Wear on a Carnival Cruise (Caribbean)

Are you wondering what to wear on a Carnival cruise to the Caribbean? Then you will definitely want to add these items to your cruise packing list.

What to wear on a Carnival cruise.  Clothes to pack for the daytime, cruise casual evenings and elegant evenings.  Add these clothes to your Caribbean cruise packing list.

The Carnival dress code for dining is either cruise casual or cruise elegant. The cruise elegant nights are also known as formal night.

The Carnival HUB app will tell you what the dress code is for each day as well as the “FunTimes”. The “FunTimes is the schedule for the next day and is delivered to your cabin the evening prior. This may change with Covid restrictions.

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How many elegant nights (formal nights) on a 7 day Carnival cruise?

On a 7 night cruise you can usually expect 2 elegant (formal) nights on a Carnival cruise. Often the first elegant night is your second night on the ship and the other elegant night is often your 5th night on a 7 day cruise. This of course can vary.

What is cruise casual on Carnival?

Carnival Cruise Line’s cruise casual is the dress code for the evenings in the restaurants when it isn’t elegant night. Carnival describes cruise casual attire as resort wear. This would include things like a sundress, or skirt and top for women and a golf shirt or more casual button up shirt for men.

What you can’t wear on cruise casual night on Carnival.

Cruise casual evenings are more casual than the elegant nights and the only guidelines are really just what you can’t wear. Here is what you can’t wear into the main or specialty restaurants on Carnival’s cruise casual nights.

Cut-off jeans or shorts, Men’s sleeveless shirts, gym or basketball shorts, baseball hats, bathing suits or flip flops.

What is elegant night on Carnival cruise?

Elegant night, also known as formal night, is the dress code for the dining rooms on select nights. It’s a chance to get all dressed up and head out for a nice dinner. This is where you will want to bring that pretty dress you don’t get much of a chance to wear, and shirts and ties are common for the men. The elegant nights are the perfect time to get your photos taken by the ship’s photographers that will be set up. There is no obligation at all to purchase.

What you can’t wear on elegant nights on Carnival.

There are a few dress code restrictions for elegant night. On elegant (formal) night you cannot wear the following in the main dining rooms or specialty restaurants.

Jeans, men’s sleeveless shirts, shorts, t-shirts, sportwear, bathing suits, flip flops or baseball caps.

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Do you have to dress up on elegant nights on Carnival?

If you don’t want to dress up for the elegant (formal) nights then you can instead eat at one of the casual dining spots during those two evenings. The dress code restrictions apply to the main dining rooms and some of the nicer specialty restaurants. If you choose to dress cruise casual on elegant night then you can eat at the buffet or a more casual eatery such as the pizzeria.

What to wear on Carnival Cruise – daytime

During the daytime on a Carnival cruise you would pack and wear casual resort wear. Here are some examples of what to wear on Carnival cruise during the day.

Sundresses such as this are perfect for your Caribbean cruise. They are so pretty, think how cute your Instagram feed will be, and they don’t take up much space in your suitcase. This cute sunflower dress is also something you could wear on Carnival cruises to the Caribbean.

Swimsuit coverups such as this cute one are a cruise must have. If you click the Amazon link you will see there are so many cute styles and colors. After lounging by the pool, thow this on before heading for a delicious Guy’s Burger.

Check out 29 Crochet Swimsuit Cover Ups if you like the look of crochet cover ups.

This outfit would be cute for both a sea day or to wear in on a shore excursion. However, if you will be doing a fair amount of walking you will want comfortable shoes.

59 Awesome cruise shirts is an article full of great t-shirts you will want to check out. There are some ones with funny sayings, cute ones, family cruise shirts and couples shirts.

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A romper like this would be a great choice to wear in the daytime on Carnival cruise to the Caribbean. You can fine other colors here. One piece rompers like this would fit over a bathing suit and simplify your wardrobe. No having to think about what shirt to wear with these shorts.

What you would wear on a cruise in the day is the same thing you would pack to wear to a resort. Men would pack t-shirts, tanks, shorts and swim trunks for their days on the cruise ship.

Carnival Cruise – What to wear for cruise casual evenings

Here are some examples of what to wear to dinner on a Carnival cruise during “cruise casual” evenings.

A casual yet pretty summer dress like this is something you could wear to dinner on cruise casual night. Bring along a cardigan as the a/c in the restaurant and show lounges can be chilly.

Here is another dress perfect for a Caribbean cruise.

A top like this could be paired with white pants as shown or with a skirt. If you don’t love the color, you can see other options here.

What to wear on a Carnival cruise for men

For the cruise casual evenings on Carnival Cruise men could wear golf shirts or short sleeved button up shirts with a casual pant. Here are some examples and links to Amazon incase you need to purchase some new clothes before your cruise vacation.

Golf wear is the perfect attire for casual evenings on Carnival. Pack a few golf shirts like this along with a couple pairs of pants like these and you are all set for your Caribbean cruise.

A casual short sleeved button up shirt should also be added to your Caribbean cruise packing list to wear on Carnival’s cruise casual evenings.

What to wear on formal nights on Carnival cruise.

Dressier clothes such as dresses and pant suits for women and suit and tie or suits for men is what you would wear to dinner on Carnival cruise on formal or elegant nights.

A little black cocktail dress like this one is something you could wear on Carnival cruise’s elegant night.

If you prefer a longer style dress, you could chose something like this one.

What to wear to dinner on Carnival cruise formal night (for men)

Men will want to wear a shirt and tie or suit if they have it to dinner on Carnival’s elegant nights. If you are packing light or don’t own many dress clothes. Pack for your Caribbean cruise one pair of dress pants with 2 different dress shirts and a tie.

You can see a big selection of matching shirts and ties here.

What to wear on Carnival cruise ships to the Caribbean

I hope this has given you a good idea of what clothes to bring on a Carnival cruise.

If you are planning on cruising with just carry-on, 11 Smart Packing Light for a Cruise Tips has some good information.