Ultimate Cruise Planner and Journal

Ultimate Printable Cruise Planner & Journal

If you are planning a cruise vacation, a printable cruise planner is the best way to stay organized. 

The great thing about a printable cruise planner is that it allows you to print the individual sheets you need, as many as you need, and it allows you to put it together in a way that suits you best.

Planning a cruise vacation is exciting, but there are lots of little things to consider to be sure you make the most out of your cruise vacation.

Ultimate Cruise Planner & Jounnal.  Get orgaized & make the most out of your next cruise vacation.  35 printable pages

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Ultimate Printable Cruise Planner & Journal

We have designed the Ultimate Cruise Planner & Journal to help you with every step of the cruise process.  From planning your next cruise to preparing for your cruise to remembering those priceless memories.

Printable cruise planner and journal

Or our more ink friendly version here:

Cruise planner and journal printable - ink friendly version

Our Ultimate Cruise Planner & Journal is 35 cute and helpful pages.    Your complete guide to a cruise vacation.

Printable Cruise Planning Pages

Some of the pages you will find in the Ultimate Cruise Planner & Journal to help with the cruise planning process are:

  • Cruise budget
  • Cruise comparison – these sheets are a great way to help with the cruise ship selection process.  Having your options and the highlights in front of you when deciding between the major cruise lines and cruise ships is incredibly helpful.
  • Hotel comparison – for those of us that don’t live within a couple hours of a cruise port, these hotel comparison planning sheets are useful
  • Getting there & Getting home – these pages are where you record your flight details, hotel booking confirmation and ground transportation details
  • Cruise booking form – record your cruise booking details including whether any dining packages are included (often the case with Norwegian Cruise Line) or if it includes a drink package.
  • Port day pages – print out one Port Day page for each of your ports of call.  Here is where you will record the shore excursions you have booked.  Port of call excursions can be booked online through the cruise line’s website.  If you have specialty dining reservations note those on the correct day as well.

Ultimate Cruise Planner & Journal

Preparing for a cruise – Printable pages

The different printable cruise planner pages that can help with the preparing for a cruise stage include several check lists.  They will help you remember all the important items that you need or will want to have for your cruise vacation.

As far as clothes go, you won’t find a cruise packing checklist that says bring 7 t-shirts and 5 shorts.  Clothing is such a personal thing plus it depends on the length of your cruise and the itinerary.  7 shirts and 5 shorts doesn’t work for an Alaska cruise, a 3-day cruise, or for someone who prefers sundresses.

Instead, you will find a sheet called Outfit Planner to help you decide what to pack.  You will still find printable cruise packing lists for cruise essentials.

Some of the preparing for a cruise, downloadable pages you will find are:

  • Cruise vacation checklist – covering all the important things to do before a cruise
  • Cruise toiletries packing list
  • Medical packing list
  • Outfit planner
  • Blank clothes packing lists for all family members
  • Cruise essentials checklist
  • Cruise carry-on checklist
  • Shore excursion bag packing list
  • Airline carry-on checklist
  • Important last-minute checklist
  • Payment tracker
  • To-do lists
  • Pre-cruise house preparation

Remembering your vacation – journal pages

Life is all about memories.  Cruises are so much fun and create priceless memories.  The cute journal pages included in the Ultimate Cruise Planner & Journal are the perfect way to document your great experience. 

There are several journal pages to choose from.  The journal pages would also make a great addition to a scrapbook. 

Some of the other pages you will find in the Ultimate Printable Cruise Planner & Journal are:

  • Cute journal pages (some with prompts)
  • Cruise bucket list
  • Travel website password tracker
  • Loyalty program number tracker
  • Sea Day journal sheets – record your plans, dinner reservations, and days highlights

Printable cruise planner and journal

How to use a printable travel planner

There are several ways you can use a printable cruise or travel planner.

Print out the sheets you want.  Have 3 sea days? Print 3 sea day sheets. 

Once you have printed what you want/need, some of the options are:

  • Small binder
  • Duo tang
  • Pocket folder
  • Clip board
  • Have it bound at an office supply store

You can choose to keep all the sheets together or separate the journal pages from the planning pages.

For my last cruise vacation, I had my Ultimate Cruise Planner & Journal bound at Staples.  I separated the planning sheets from the journal pages with a piece of thicker colored scrapbook paper (cardstock).  This made easier to flip through to the section I wanted.  I keep the travel website tracker, loyalty program tracker and bucket list separate in a folder with inside pockets.

As you can see digital products like this are great as you can set it up anyway you like.  Make a mess of one page?  No problem, just print a new one.

Whether you are a first-time cruiser or an experienced cruiser, this Ultimate Cruise Planner & Journal will be useful. 

When you purchase the Ultimate Cruise Planner & Journal you will receive a pdf file that you can instantly download.  This is designed for personal use and prints at 8.5” x 11” (letter size).

Printable cruise planner and journal

Cruise planner and journal printable - ink friendly version

Happy cruise planning.