Top 15 tips for first time cruisers. If you are planning your frist cruise these important cruise tips are definitely ones you will want to know.

Top 15 Tips for First Time Cruisers

A cruise is such a great choice for a vacation. If you are a first time cruiser you will definitely want to check out our top 15 best tips for first time cruisers.

Best tips for first time cruisers.  These cruise tips will help you make the most of your first cruise vacation.

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Top 15 best tips for first time cruisers.

1. Fly in the day before

For those of us that have to fly to board a ship, save yourself the added stress and fly in the day before.

There are 3 main reasons for this:

1. You do NOT want to miss your ship.

Arriving a day early gives you time should your flight be delayed or worse yet – cancelled.

2. Gives your luggage time to arrive.

Should the airline lose your luggage or for some reason your luggage doesn’t make it on the same flight as you, there is time for the airline to gt it to you before boarding your cruise ship.

3. You’ll arrive more rested for cruise day!

Top tips for first time cruisers.  Cruise tip #1 of 15 is to arrive the day before your cruise departs

2. Store your empty suitcase under your bed

Storing your luggage under your bed keeps it out of the way. You can also use it to store your dirty laundry, or the souveniers you have purchased.

3. Bring a sweater or a cardigan

Eventhough you might be sailing to the warm Caribbean or the Mediterranean, the air conditioning in the dining room and other public areas can leave you feeling chilly so be sure to pack a cardigan or sweater.

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4. How will you carry your cruise card?

The cruise card is your boarding pass, room key and how you charge your onboard purchases. Some cruise ships have gone to a wristband, but for those still using a card (such as Carnival), you should decide ahead of time how you will carry it.

Cruise tips for the first time cruiser.  These tips can help with cruise preparation and cruise packing

5. Bring a waterproof phone case

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Cruise planner and journal - printable pdf. For every step of the cruise proccess from planning your cruise, to preparing for your vaction to remembering it. Packing lists and to do lists

6. Check into drink packages ahead of time

Caribbean colada

You can log into your cruise line account and check the prices of their drink packages. Depending on what and how much you like to drink, these packages may be worth it for you. There are alcoholic and non alcoholic packages available.

Best tips for first time cruisers

7. Bring a carry-on when you board

Bring your swimsuit, sunscreen, medication and anything else you might need in the first few hours after boarding on the first day. Your luggage will be delivered to your cabin later that afternoon or evening. Pack what you will need to enjoy your afternoon.

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You can find this cute carry-on on Amazon along with many other styles.

8. Bring your own travel mug

If you drink a fair bit of coffee or tea, you might want to consider bringing your own travel mug rather than use the small cups provided on the cruise ship.

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9. Bring your own water bottle.

This is a must for days in port. Buying bottled water can really add up. If you like to add ice to your water or beverage, choose a wider mouthed water bottle.

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10. Check the main dining room menu ahead of time.

Each day, the menu will be posted outside of the main dining room. Most cruise lines also post this daily on their app. Seeing the menu ahead of time will help you decide if tonight is the night to try a different restaurant.

11. You can order more than one appetizer.

Cruise tip - you can order more than one appetizer

In the main dining room if you are deciding between two delicious sounding appetizers, go ahead and order both. But of course, try not to waste food. It is a great way to try something new.

12. Bring several small bills.

Bring with you several small bills ($1, $5) for tipping the porter, for room service, or for tipping the shore excursion tour staff. You don’t want to have to ask for change.

Cruise tips for first time cruisers - bring small bills for tipping

13. Try something new.

A cruise is a great opportunity to try something you normally wouldn’t. Order a food your have never tried from one of the free food venues. If you have a drink package, try something different.

14. Pack some of each other’s clothes in each other’s suitcase.

If you are flying in to catch your cruise, consider packing in a way that each suitcase holds some of everyone’s clothes. That way, if one suitcase gets lost by the airline, everyone at least has a change or two of clothes.

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Smart cruise tip for first time cruisers.  This cruise packing tip is genius.

15. Check the deck plan before choosing a cabin

You can find these on your cruise line’s website. See what is above and below your cabin. Try to avoid being below the fitness gym as some have noticed the weights dropping being noisy. Also try to avoid being above or below the nightclub.

If the motion is a concern, choose a stateroom (cabin) that is mid ship and on one of the mid level decks. Cabins at the front of the ship or near the aft (back) will feel the most movement.

Best tips for first time cruisers.  If you are new to cruising you will want to read these cruise tips before travelling.
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I hope these best tips for first time cruisers have given you some great ideas and helped you to get that much more excited about your upcoming cruise.

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