9 Surprising things to bring on a Carnival Cruise

9 Surprising Things to Bring on a Carnival Cruise

If you are planning your first Carnival cruise vacation, you will want to check this out. Here are 9 surprising things to bring on a Carnival cruise to make your cruise even more enjoyable.

9 Surprising things to bring on a Carnival cruise

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Surprising things to bring on a Carnival Cruise

1. Cruise ducks

Cruise ducks are very popular on Carnival cruise ships. Cruisers will hide ducks in public areas of the ship. Please don’t hide them in shops or put them in the pools. When you find a duck you can choose to keep it or hide it again.

There are several varieties available now (not just ducks) and themed ducks as well. Many will attach a tag that gives the name of the person hiding the duck. It adds a bit of extra fun to your cruise, especially if you are cruising with kids. You will often see people out “duck hunting” on the ships.

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2. Glow sticks

They take up very little space in your suitcase and it’s something you will be glad you packed.

Carnival cruise essentials

3. All white outfit

One of the Carnival cruise parties is called White Hot Night Party. The cruise director or the Fun Squad staff will host a party where they encourage passengers to wear white.

4. Reusable straw

Carnival Cruise Line has made the environmentally friendly move to switch to edible straws. They have lime, strawberry, and chocolate. The one they give you depends on the drink flavor. They are only given with frozen cocktails, not soda.

While I do love this move, and actually don’t mind the taste of the straws, I find that they get slimy pretty fast.

There are a couple of different styles. You can click on either picture to check it out on Amazon.

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5. Carnival cruise luggage tag holders

Carnival, like most other cruise lines have you print out your cruise luggage tags at home. A MUCH better way to attach these paper tags to your bag is to get a set of reusable Carnival cruise luggage tag holders. You can see ours in the picture above under #2.

These greatly minimize the risk of the tags falling off. You insert your printed cruise luggage tag into the holder. There are different sized holders for different cruise line.

Carnival Luggage Tag Holders by Cruise On [4 Pack] Fits All Carnival Cruise Line Ships & Tags for Cruises in 2023, 2024 & 2025

6. Cruise door decorations

Cruise stateroom door decorations are popular on Carnival cruises. They of course aren’t necessary, but they do add some fun to your vacation.

Most cruise ship door (and walls for that matter) are magnetic, this makes magnets the best way to decorate your cabin door. Having your door decorated also makes it easy to recognize as you walk down those long hallways.

Here are some cute options.

Geiserailie 5 Pcs Magnetic Fridge Stickers - Funny Ship Door Magnets for Cruise Ship Decor - Refrigerator & Garage Magnet Decorations, 7.6 x 6.2 Inch (Fresh Style)

This one (below) is a great option because you can write what you want and change it up.

2 Pcs Cruise Door Decorations Magnetic Fruit Drink Cruise Door Magnets with 3 Pcs Paint Pens Cruise Must Haves Cocktail Magnet Stickers for Carnival Birthday Stateroom Refrigerator Car Door Decor

7. Poopouri

Cruise ship cabins (or at least any that I have been in) don’t have bathroom fans. And if you don’t have a balcony you don’t have fresh air coming in. PooPouri before you go spray, just makes things better for everyone.

PooPouri bathroom spray is a cruise essential

8. Non-surge power bar

Many of Carnival’s older ships have very limited outlets in the cabins. Most have one by the desk and that’s it. A power strip will instantly add extra outlets.

Not any power bar will do it must have NON-SURGE protection. The one below is cruise approved and the one we have. We bring it on every single cruise. It has USB outlets which is handy, just be sure to bring charger cords with USB ends.

You can find it on Amazon by clicking here.

Cruise approved power bar is a cruise essential

9. Conditioner

If you were planning on just using the shampoo and conditioner provided by the cruise line, you will be disappointed to learn that Carnival does not provide conditioner. They provide only shampoo and body wash in dispensers. You will have to bring your own conditioner.

Cruise packing tip – bring a conditioner bar. I bring my own shampoo and conditioner bars. I cut each bar in half and bring half a shampoo bar and half a conditioner bar in a soap travel container. It takes up way less space and you don’t risk any spills or leaks in your suitcase. It is also helpful if you are flying to port and travelling with only carry on.

Cruise tip bring shampoo and conditioner bar

As mentioned, these are just the extras you will want to consider for your Carnival cruise.

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