Royal Caribbean Sea pass card explained

Royal Caribbean Sea Pass Card Explained {11 Uses}

If this is your first cruise with Royal Caribbean, you may be wondering what is a Royal Caribbean sea pass.

A seapass card actually serves several purposes on Royal Caribbean ships.

Royal Caribbean Sea Pass explained including frequently asked questions answered.

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11 Royal Caribbean Sea Pass Card Uses

 1. Shipboard ID

We had to upload a photo as part of the online check in procedure.  They again took our photo when we checked in at the cruise terminal.

Crew members can scan your card to confirm you are of legal drinking age or for other security purposes.

2. Charge card for onboard purchases

The world’s largest cruise lines, including Royal Caribbean International operate a cashless system onboard the cruise ships.

Your credit card will be linked to your sea pass card when you check in online or at guest services if you haven’t set it up online.  Setting it up online is far more convenient and the recommended way to go.

To purchase any of the extras on a Royal Caribbean cruise, you simply show your card to one of the friendly crew members and that purchase amount will be added to your onboard account.

Some of the things that cost extra on Royal Caribbean are:

  • Food from specialty restaurants (if not pre-purchased or part of a pre-purchased dining package)
  • Drinks (unless you have a pre-purchased drink package or you are just drinking the free drinks such as coffee, water, juice, ice tea)
  • Spa treatments
  • Gift shop purchases
  • Select activities (ex/ escape room)
  • Gratuities
  • Cruise line shore excursions (unless pre purchased)
  • Casino play
  • Arcade

Royal Caribbean drink packages and specialty restaurant dining packages can and should be purchased ahead of time online in your cruise planner on Royal Caribbean’s website.  They often go on sale before departure.

Throughout the cruise, you can check the balance of your onboard account using the Royal Caribbean App.  This is a great and convenient feature.

At the end of your cruise, you will receive an emailed list of all the items charged to your seapass account during your cruise vacation. 

If you received an onboard credit as part of a booking promotion, this credit will be applied to your sea pass card.  The amount of the onboard credit will be deducted automatically from what you owe.

At the end of the voyage, the credit card you used to set up your sea pass card will be automatically charged.

Royal Caribbean sea pass card explained

3. Departure and boarding pass

At each cruise stop before you get off the ship to explore the beautiful ports of call, crew members will scan your sea pass card.  They will again scan it when you reboard the ship.

This is how they track how many passengers are off the ship and ensure that everyone is safely back onboard. 

4. Room key

Your Royal Caribbean sea pass card is also your room key.  Your cruise card lists the last 3 digits of your room number, it leaves off your floor for safety purposes.  For example, our stateroom was 7263, our sea pass showed 263.

5.  Muster station location

Every cruise passenger is assigned a muster station assembly station.  In case of a ship wide emergency, you will meet here. 

Prior to sailing, every passenger must complete the muster drill.  It is now largely done through Royal Caribbean’s app.  You do however have to go to the muster station located on your sea pass and be checked in by one of the staff.  Do this as soon as you board.

6. Main dining room time and location

Your Sea Pass card will show whether you have early, late, or My Time dining.  It will also show which dining room or which floor of the dining room to enter.

7. Beverage package type

If you have purchased a beverage package the type will show on your card.  (ex/ deluxe, refreshment, etc.)

8. Emergency contact number

The back of your Royal Caribbean sea pass card is an in case of emergency phone number.  This is important for when you are in the different ports.

9. Casino rewards

You can use your sea pass card to charge your casino play to your onboard account (limits do apply). 

For slot machine play, insert your card into the machine.  The casino cashier will have instructions should you need them to charge to your account. 

You will earn points for your play; these points are tracked on your card.

10. Arcade points

You can use your sea pass card to play arcade games.  Swipe the side bar code, NOT the strip that runs along the length of the card.  The cost of the games will be charged to your onboard account. 

If your children or teens have charging privileges be sure to set rules as the charges can add up quickly.

Your prize tokens will be loaded automatically to your sea pass card.  You can then redeem your prize tokens at the prize hub machine before the end of the cruise.

11. Souvenir

The sea pass card, just like any other cruise card make great souvenirs. 

All family members are issued their own sea pass card.  When you set up your Royal Caribbean sea pass card online you can choose the option – no onboard expense account – for your children if you don’t want them to have charging privileges.  This can also be done at guest services.

Frequently asked questions about the Royal Caribbean Cruise sea pass.

What is a Royal Caribbean Set Sail pass?

The Royal Caribbean setsail pass is an electronic boarding pass that you will receive once you complete the online or in app check in. 

Take a screen shot and/or print it out.  You will need to present this at the cruise terminal for check in and to board the ship. 

It is also what you will use the first few hours to make purchases or to order drinks (with or without a drink package).  Your actual cruise card won’t be available until later in the afternoon.

Royal Caribbean set sail pass example

Where do you get your sea pass card?

Your sea pass card will be waiting for you outside your stateroom.  There will be an announcement when your room is ready, this is often around 1:30 – 2:00.  When you hear the announcement, go to your stateroom, they will be waiting outside on the room number sign. 

Royal Caribbean sea pass card waiting outside a stateroom door

Prior to getting your Sea Pass, you will use your Set Sail pass.  See above.

When do you get your sea pass card?

Your sea pass card is often ready around 1:30 – 2:00 ish on the first day of your cruise vacation.  You will hear an announcement around this time saying that the rooms are ready.  This is also when your cruise card is ready for you to pick up outside your stateroom door.

What shows on a Royal Caribbean sea pass card?

A Royal Caribbean International sea pass card shows the following:

  • Your first and last name
  • Ship name
  • Sailing date
  • Stateroom number (less the first digit which is your floor)
  • Account number
  • Beverage package – whether one was purchased and what type.
  • Muster station assembly area for the mandatory pre sailing drill and in the case of an emergency.
  • Dining time and location

Is there a hole punched in the sea pass card?

On our last cruise (Mariner of the Seas), the sea pass cards did NOT come with a hole punched in them.  If you are using a lanyard without the plastic sleeve or a coiled wrist band to carry your card you can go to Guest Services, and they will punch a hole in it for you

Can the sea pass card be used at Perfect Day at Coco Cay?

Yes, since Perfect Day at Coco Cay is Royal Caribbean’s private island, you can use your sea pass card to purchase drinks if you don’t have a drink package or at the additional cost restaurants.

If you do have a drinks package, your drink package will work on Coco Cay.  There are also restaurants that have no additional cost.

Where the cruise card doesn’t work on Perfect Day at Coco Cay is the small island markets.  You will want to bring a small amount of cash if you intend on shopping at these.

Perfect Day at Coco Cay is Royal Caribbean's private island.  Use your sea pass for drinks.
Photo by Load the Luggage

How do you carry your Royal Caribbean sea pass?

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Does the Royal Caribbean sea pass work in the casinos?

Yes, you can use your sea pass card at the casino on the ships.  When playing at the slot machines you have the choice to use cash or charge it to your onboard account.  Table play can also be charged to your room.  They do have limits.

Your Sea pass card is also how you get casino rewards.  Even if you play with cash, insert your card into the slot machine, your points will be tracked to your card.

If you are planning a cruise vacation on Royal Caribbean’s Mariner of the Seas, check out

In summary, your Royal Caribbean Sea Pass is your access to fun.