10 Unbeatable reasons to plan a family reunion cruise

10 Top Reasons to Plan a Family Reunion Cruise

The years go by way too fast and often before you know it, you realize it’s been way too long since you spent any quality time with some family members. A family reunion offers the rare luxury of gathering all our loved ones in one place, saving the hassle of individual meet-ups and ensuring we can catch up, celebrate, and share cherished moments together, all in a single, unforgettable occasion. A family reunion cruise is the perfect solution.

If you’re contemplating idea of planning a family reunion but haven’t yet considered a cruise as the ideal option, or if you’re wondering if a cruise truly lives up to the hype, then this article is for you.

Family reunion idea - a cruise

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We will outline 10 compelling reasons why a cruise with your loved ones might be the ultimate choice for an unforgettable reunion. See the benefits and unique experiences that make a family reunion cruise a worthy contender for your next grand get-together. We will also list some of the best cruise lines to consider for a family reunion.

10 Reasons to Plan a Family Reunion Cruise

Here are the top reasons to consider a cruise vacation for your next family reunion.

1. Convenience and stress-free planning

Coordinating travel for numerous family members can be a challenge. Cruises simplify this process.

Major cruise lines have a group department which not only offers a convenient way to book your entire group but depending on the number of cabins you will need, you may be entitled to group discounts.

Cruise lines can even offer airfare and transfers which is a great and convenient option for less experienced travelers.

With pre-planned itineraries and shore excursions, a cruise takes the stress out of organizing a large group vacation. From meals to accommodations and entertainment, everything is conveniently arranged for you, saving time and effort in planning.

2. Quality time and priceless memories

Between dining together, family-friendly shows, enjoying the ship’s amenities or exploring new destinations as a group, a cruise offers the perfect opportunity to create priceless memories to last a lifetime.

And just as important, on a cruise ship vacation there is time and space to enjoy time to yourself if you need that escape from constant togetherness.

3. Multi-generational appeal

Cruises cater to all age groups (except Virgin Voyages, which is an adult only cruise line). From kids’ clubs to adult only areas, and waterslides to trivia, there are activities and amenities to ensure that everyone from grandparents to grandchildren have an amazing time.

Having activities you can do together as an extended family, with just your immediate family, and even on your own makes cruising so appealing.

4. Activities for everyone

Cruise ships vary ship to ship and cruise line to cruise line. However, you will find things like pools, hot tubs, different sports activities, and live entertainment. Many of the newer modern cruise ships have onboard activities like water slides, mini golf, and basket ball. Some even have shipboard activities like laser tag, rock climbing, zip lines, and ice-skating rinks.

There are tons of activities and amenities that everyone can enjoy on their own and many as a group. Why not organize your own little family tournaments? You could create a mini golf tournament, ping pong tournament, and more. Or better yet, have a little family Olympics.

Mariner of the Seas sky pad, a free activity on Mariner of the Seas that teens will love.
Best things to do on Mariner of the Seas

5. Variety of dining options

Cruise ships offer several different dining options onboard. Many are included in your cruise fare, and also some additional specialty restaurants that have an additional charge.

Family dinners are a great way to connect and to reminisce about the family fun had in the day. Whether you choose to eat in the main dining room or a specialty restaurant you will find something that appeals to all tastes and dietary needs. The restaurants also have kids menus.

One of the great things about a cruise is that everything is one place. If someone didn’t love their dinner or is hungry a few hours later they can easily grab a snack at one of the other venues and it isn’t an inconvenience to the rest of the group.

Dining options is one of the reasons a cruise is a great choice for a family reunion

6. Multiple destinations in one trip

Explore multiple destinations in a single trip without the hassle of coordinating separate travel arrangements or packing and unpacking. Cruises allow your family to experience the beauty and culture of various ports of call, making the most of your time together.

Cruise lines offer several different types of shore excursions in each port of call. From beach breaks to cultural activities to more adrenaline pumping activities. You are sure to find something to suit your family’s needs. Booking a cruise line shore excursion is easy and convenient. Other benefits to booking a shore excursion directly through the cruise line can be found here.

A cruise is a great choice when people can’t decide where to go as a family. A cruise visits several destinations and the cruise ship itself is like a beautiful resort.

10 top reasons to plan a Family Reunion Cruise

7. Childcare services

While spending time with the kids and partaking in family activities on a family reunion cruise is important, so is adult-only time.

The cruise lines have kids and teen clubs broken down into different age categories offering age appropriate activities in a safe atmosphere. These are included in your cruise fare. Many offer additional late night babysitting services for a fee for young children.

These excellent children’s programs allow parents to enjoy some adult time while knowing their kids are well cared for and entertained. The kids can play and make new friends while the adults can relax and enjoy some time to themselves.

8. Exceptional entertainment

Cruise ships host world-class entertainment options, including Broadway-style shows, comedy performances, and live music, ensuring evenings are filled with excitement for the whole family.

When families go on vacation, it can be hard to find things to do that everyone will enjoy. A cruise ship has so many options in addition to the above. Such as, live entertainment, casinos, video arcades, sports bars and movie theaters. The great thing is that it is all on one location. Family members don’t have to worry about transportation or getting lost.

You can enjoy a drink or two in the evening at your location of choice and not have to worry about driving back.

9. Easy budgeting

While most cruise lines are not all-inclusive, they do include your accommodation, most meals, most activities and entertainment and even some beverages.

For accommodation, interior cabins will be the least expensive and suites will be the most expensive. You may want to consider connecting cabins. Price out different accommodation options. Surprisingly, it is often cheaper to purchase 2 connecting cabins for a family rather than a larger suite.

You can pre-purchase a drink package if you choose as well as your shore excursions. By knowing the costs of these optional items are and pre-purchasing them you will have a better idea of what your entire family cruise vacation will cost.

A couple articles you might find helpful are What is included on a Carnival cruise and what’s not and 29 Extra costs on Royal Caribbean.

10. Unforgettable experience

Cruise vacations make for an unforgettable experience, making them one of the best family reunion ideas.

The cruise lines have professional photographers onboard ready to capture this special occasion. There is no charge to have your group photos taken, only if you decide to purchase it.

Another way to add some extra fun to your family reunion cruise is to get matching cruise shirts. Find the best cruise shirt ideas here. Think how great your family photos will be when you are all wearing coordinating shirts.

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In summary, a cruise is an excellent choice for a family reunion, offering convenience, diverse entertainment, safety, and the chance to explore different destinations together. With activities for all ages and the opportunity to create lasting traditions, a family reunion cruise is a surefire way to strengthen family bonds and create cherished memories for years to come.

This might lead you to wonder which cruise lines are best for a family reunion cruise.

Best cruise lines for a family reunion cruise

While I’m sure your family reunion guests will have a great time on pretty much any cruise line, I’d suggest you start your research by looking at the following. Be sure to research your ship carefully and understand what is included as ships can vary greatly. Just as hotels do.

These are in no particular order.

1. Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

2. Carnival Cruise Line

3. Norwegian Cruise Line

4. Princess Cruises

5. Disney Cruise Line

Don’t let another year go by, travel while you can and your family members can. Create those memories. You won’t regret it. Your travel agent can help you choose the best cruise for your group.

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