29 reasons teens will love Carnival Celebration

29 Reasons Teens Will Love the Carnival Celebration

Are wondering if the Carnival Celebration is a good ship for a family with teenagers? Well, here are 29 reasons teens will love the Carnival Celebration.

The Celebration is one of Carnival Cruise Line’s newest and biggest cruise ships. There are so many great amenities, activities, and features that teens will love.

29 Reasons teens will love the Carnival Celebration cruise ship

29 Reasons teens will love the Carnival Celebration cruise ship

1. Bolt

Carnival Celebration Bolt
Carnival Celebration Bolt sea coaster car

2. Ropes course

Carnival Celebration has a great ropes course that teens will love. There are 2 tracks side by side, an easier one and a more challenging one. The more challenging side even has a small zipline and a plank you can walk out on.

This is a free activity. Be sure to pack a pair of shoes as no open or backless shoes (like flip flops or sandals) are allowed. The minimum height restriction is 48″ and the maximum weight is 300lbs.

Carnival Celebration ropes course and zip line
Carnival Celebration ropes course with small zipline

3. Water slides

The Carnival Water Works on the Celebration has 3 large water slides that teens will love. One of which you ride on a mat down. There is no charge to use the water slides on Carnival.

Water slides on Carnival Celebration
Carnival Celebration water slides

4. Cool ice cream truck

There are several free soft-serve ice cream and frozen yogurt stations on the ship, but the one teens will love the most is the Army truck ice cream and froyo station.

There are 2 flavors of soft serve ice cream and 2 flavors of frozen yogurt.

Army truck ice cream station on Carnival Celebration.
Carnival Celebration ice cream and froyo station

5. Mini golf

Carnival Celebration has a nice little mini golf course at the back of deck 18. This is a great family friendly activity that is free to play.

Carnival Celebration Bolt roller coaster track above mini golf
Carnival Celebration mini golf

6. Basketball court

The basketball court, or sports court as Carnival calls it, is a popular spot. This is a great place to meet new friends. At times they will offer volleyball here as well. It is part of the Carnival Celebration Ultimate Playground.

You have to get up early to get a photo without people in it.

Carnival Celebration basketball court
Carnival Celebration basketball court

7. Arcade

Since Carnival Celebration is a newer ship, it has some of the latest and greatest arcade games. There are even virtual reality ones.

A word of caution though, to play you just swipe your Sign & Sail cruise card. If your child has charging privileges, be sure they are aware of their budget. Many of the games were in the $2-$5 range, so charges can add up quickly.

Carnival Celebration arcade.
Carnival Celebration arcade

8. Carnival Celebration teen clubs

Carnival Celebration outdoor Club O2 area for teens aged 15-17

9. Pig & Anchor games area

Foosball and TVs at the back of the Pig & Anchor on Carnival Celebration
Carnival Celebration Pig & Anchor Brewhouse games area

10. Hot tubs

Teens will have 5 hot tubs to choose from on the Carnival Celebration. There is one by the main pool, 2 by the Tides pool, and 2 on deck 8.

Hot tubs Summer Landing Carnival Celebration
Carnival Celebration hot tubs – deck 8

11. Pools

Lounging in and around the pools are a great way to spend time on a Caribbean cruise.

The Beach pool (main pool) and the Tides pool are both on deck 16. The Summer Landing pool is on deck 8.

Carnival Celebration beach pool (main pool).
Carnival Celebration beach pool

12. Cool things to explore

13. Dive-in movies

Each night there will be one or two newer movies shown on the big screen above the main pool. Carnival calls it the Seaside theatre. Watch a movie under the stars from the pool, hot tub, or lounge chair. There is even popcorn available.

Movie shown on Carnival's Seaside theatre above the pool
Carnival Celebration outdoor movies

14. Deck parties

Carnival has several family friendly deck parties that teens will love.

On our sailing, the deck parties that teens could join in on were:

  • Sail away party
  • White hot night party (passengers are encouraged to wear white)
  • Evolution party (this was held indoors at Center Stage)
  • Groove for St. Jude

15. Guy’s Burgers

In my opinion, Carnival has the best casual free food options. This is extra great for families cruising with teens. Guy’s Burger Joint is one of the big reasons Carnival tops my list.

Guy’s Burgers are a must-try. They are so delicious. I have no doubt they will be a hit with your teen.

Guys burger on Carnival Cruise Line

16. Blue Iguana Cantina

This is another of the great free food options on Carnival that teens will love. They serve huevos rancheros and breakfast burritos in the morning and tacos and burritos for lunch.

Being able to grab delicious food whenever they are hungry will definitely appeal to teens.

Carnival Celebration Blue Iguana Mexican Cantina
Carnival Celebration Blue Iguana Cantina

17. Pizza

Teens will love that they can get pizza pretty much whenever they like. Miami Slice pizza serves up thin crust pizza from 9am to 4am.

18. Street Eats

Street Eats is a neat concept on Carnival Celebration. It is a great spot to grab a snack. There are three different little food stalls serving up different grab and go food options each day.

Teens will want to try the different loaded fries options from Time Fries. Mad Sizzle and Steam Dream are a great spot to try something new. There is no cost to eat here. Time fries also serves up wings, but these do have an additional charge.

Street Eats on Carnival Celebration

19. Big Chicken

Here is yet another free food option on Carnival Celebration that teens will love. Big Chicken is the restaurant cofounded by Shaquille O’Neal. We enjoyed the chicken tenders.

Big Chicken on Carnival Celebration

20. Carnival Kitchen

This is a great activity on Carnival Celebration for those that like to cook or bake. There are several cooking and baking classes offered on the Celebration from cupcakes to sushi. These do have an additional cost.

There Carnival Kitchen classes were very popular and several sold out even before the cruise started. You can find the available classes and more details on Carnival’s website once you sign into your account, look under specialty dining.

21. Build a Bear workshop

Carnival Celebration has Build-a-Bear workshops on select dates and times. You will see people of all ages creating their own souvenir stuffy. There is a cost for this activity.

Carnival Build a bear

22. Mocktails

Nothing says vacation like a yummy frozen cocktail, and luckily for teens many of Carnival’s tropical drinks come in a non-alcoholic version.

Treat your teen to a pina colada mocktail and it will make their day. In Dec.2023 the cost was $8.00USD plus an automatic gratuity of 18%. Carnival also now has editable straws.

Pina colada

23. Gelato station

If you teen gets tired of all the free soft-serve ice cream, then can head to the Windjammer Buffet where there is a gelato station. There are several different flavors and they is no charge.

24. Sea Dogs hot dogs

Another section of the Windjammer Marketplace restaurant (buffet) is Sea Dogs, which serves up different gourmet hot dogs daily.

25. Bean bag toss

Bean bag toss or corn hole is a fun game teenagers can play on the Carnival Celebration. This is a game where one can practice on their own or play against family members or new friends.

Bean bag toss game on Carnival Celebration.
Bean bag toss and ping pong on Carnival Celebration

26. Ping pong

As with pretty much every ship out there, the Celebration has ping pong tables.

27. Comedy shows

The Celebration has the Punchliner Comedy Club onboard. While many of the shows aren’t suitable for teens, there are some family friendly, or PG shows. Be sure to check the Fun Times or the Carnival Hub app for the show’s rating.

Carnival Celebration Punchliner comedy club

28. Candy store

The Cherry on Top candy store on Carnival Celebration will definitely catch the eye of most teens. They may want to bring some extra spending money if they plan to shop here a time or two. For most candy you pay by the weight.

Carnival Cherry on Top candy store

29. Carnival teen spa

As you can see, you won’t have your teenager saying they are bored or that there isn’t anything good to eat on the Carnival Celebration.

The Carnival Celebration is a great family friendly ship that offers great things for all ages.

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