21 Reasons Teens Will Love Mariner of the Seas. Waterslides in the background

21 Reasons Teens Will Love Mariner of the Seas

Are you considering a family cruise and wondering if Mariner of the Seas is a good ship for teens? This article highlights 21 reasons teens will love the Mariner of the Seas cruise ship.

When choosing a cruise ship for a family vacation you want to be sure to choose one that has lots of fun activities to keep everyone in your family entertained.  As anyone with teenagers knows, bored teenagers are no fun.

Royal Caribbean’s Mariner of the Seas is full of fun activities and features that teens will love.

21 Reasons teens will love Mariner of the Seas cruise ship.

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21 Resons Teens Will Love Mariner of the Seas

Royal Caribbean has some great features that will appeal to teenagers. 

Having just cruised this ship with our teenage daughter we have put together a list of some of the top reasons teens will love Mariner of the Seas.

Free Mariner of the Seas activities teens will love

1. Sky pad

**UPDATE – Royal Caribbean has now closed this activity on all their cruise ships.

Royal Caribbean’s sky pad is an innovative, fun activity that combines a bungee trampoline and virtual reality. 

Mariner of the Seas sky pad, a free activity on Mariner of the Seas that teens will love.

2. Glow in the dark laser tag

This is a popular activity for teens on Mariner of the Seas

It isn’t offered very often, this post has more information if you are interested in the details.

Teens will love laser tag on Royal Caribbean's Mariner of the Seas

3. Ice skating

Yes, you read that right.  Royal Caribbean has an ice-skating rink on select ships, and Mariner of the Seas is one of them.

This is offered at select times.  They have ice skates for you to use, just be sure to pack long pants and socks. 

4. Rock climbing wall

The Mariner of the Seas rock wall will be a hit with the teenagers in your family.  It is 40 feet high. 

40 foot rock climbing wall on the Mariner of the Seas cruise ship.  Another reasons teens will love this Royal Caribbean ship.
Rock wall on Mariner of the Seas Photo by Load The Luggage

5. FlowRider surf simulator

You will find the FlowRider on deck 13 at the back of the ship.  Even if you don’t give it a try, it is fun to watch, especially the advanced surfers.

You must start with boogie boarding before they will let you attempt standing.

Flowrider surf simulator on Mariner of the Seas

6. Mariner of the Seas basketball court

The basketball court is also on deck 13, Royal Caribbean cruises calls it the sports court.  In addition to basketball, there are several other activities held here including volleyball and bean bag toss.

Check the Cruise Compass daily schedule or the Royal Caribbean app for activities and times.

7. Mini golf

The miniature golf course on the ship is called Mariner Dunes, it is forward (front of the ship) on deck 13. 

It is a very cool course with a surfer theme.

The cool surf themed mini golf course is one reason teens will love Mariner of the Seas

8. Teen club

The teen club on Mariner of the Seas is called Fuel.  It is for teens aged 12-17 years old. 

You access Fuel through the arcade on deck 12.

 There will be a few pre planned activities that the teens can choose to participate in or simply just hang out.

In addition to Fuel, there is also the Living Room.  There is a cool teen lounge where teens can hang out in.

Living room, a cool teen hang out room on Mariner of the Seas cruise ship
Living Room – Teen hangout room on Mariner of the Seas
Photo by Load The Luggage

9. Waterslides

There are 2 waterslides on Mariner of the Seas called the Perfect Storm.  To be honest, they are on the slow side, but they are worth a try.

Water slides on Mariner of the seas a reason teens will love this cruise ship

More Activities for Teens on Mariner of the Seas

10. Outdoor movies

Mariner of the Seas does not have an indoor movie theatre, but they have outdoor movies, which I think is even better.

Most nights, an outdoor movie or two will be shown on the big screen above the pool.

11. Pools

The main pool area has a fun lively atmosphere most of the time. 

In addition to cooling off in the pool, the pool deck is a fun place to be when there is live music and funny games like “World’s Sexiest Man”.

The pools and hot tubs on Mariner of the Seas as well as the outdoor movie screen.  Several reasons in this picture why teens will love Mariner of the Seas

12. Hot tubs

You could watch some of the outdoor movie while soaking in one of the 4 hot tubs on the pool deck area.

13. Deck parties

The sail away or evening deck parties are fun for the whole family.  Dance like nobody is watching.

14. Royal Promenade dance parties

On our last Mariner of the Seas cruise vacation, several nights the cruise director staff hosted a party in the promenade (deck 5).  Each party had a theme, for example 70’s disco, 80’s flashback, and family Hush silent parties.

Even if your teen is too shy to get out there and dance, it is quite fun to watch.

15. Archery

This is another free activity held at the sports court (basketball court) on select days.  Check the Cruise Compass daily planners or the app for the dates and times.

16. Pizza

Yummy pizza is available in the Café Promenade (deck 5).  There is no charge for pizza, and it is open late.

17. Soft serve frozen yogurt

Teens can fill up on frozen yogurt cones at the Arctic Zone on the pool deck, and the best part is it’s free.

Choose from chocolate or vanilla.

Soft serve frozen yogurt station on Mariner of the Seas.  One of several reasons teens will love Mariner of the Seas

More Reasons Teens Will Love Mariner of the Seas – these have an additional cost though

18. Escape room

The Royal Caribbean escape room does have a cost but provides an hour of mind challenging fun. 

The cost when we sailed (Aug 2022) was $19.99USD. 

It is very challenging, and I’d only recommend it for older teens who like this sort of thing.

You must be 12 years old to participate.

Royal Caribbean escape room is one of the reasons teens will love Mariner of the Seas cruise ship

19. Arcade

Mariner of the Seas has a fairly large arcade with a big variety of games. 

Most games cost $1.50-$2.50 per play. 

If your teen or child has charging privileges on their Sea Pass card be sure they understand how much they are allowed to spend. They can easily wrack up a large bill since you simply swipe your card to play.

The arcade  - one of the reasons teens will love Mariner of the Seas

20. Refreshment drink package

I love that Royal Caribbean has a drink package that is in between the soda package and the alcoholic beverage package. 

The refreshment drink package is perfect for teens as it includes non-alcoholic drinks (mocktails) such as a virgin pina colada or strawberry daiquiri. This along with the other beverage inclusions below can add to their vacation experience.

Other drinks included in the refreshment beverage package are:

  • Souvenir cup that you can fill with soda at any bar, or the self serve Freestyle Coke machines
  • Non-alcoholic drinks, as mentioned
  • Bottled water
  • Fresh squeezed juices (plaza bar in Windjammer)
  • Milkshakes from Johnny Rockets

The beverages packages often go on sale before the cruise.  Check “My Cruise Planner” on Royal Caribbean’s website.

For a list of the 12 Best Royal Caribbean Mocktails (non-alcoholic cruise drinks), check this out.

21. Milkshakes at Johnny Rockets

The Johnny Rockets milkshakes are delicious.  Oreo is my teen’s favorite.

As mentioned above, if you have the refreshment package, milkshakes are no additional cost.  If you don’t have the drink package there is an additional cost.  When we cruised in August 2022, they were $5.50 (this of course can change).

That is our list of top 21 reasons teens will love Mariner of the Seas.  My teenage daughter loved this cruise ship and cannot wait to cruise again soon.

If you are planning a cruise on Mariner of the Seas, check out our Best Mariner of the Seas Tips.

Keep in mind activities, amenities, and costs can change.  This was our experience and opinion after our August 2022 cruise.

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