75 Best most likely to...cruise sayings for shirts.

75 Most Likely To… Cruise Sayings

Looking to add a bit of fun and personality to your next cruise? “Most likely to…” cruise sayings are a fantastic way to bring some laughs and create memorable moments with your travel buddies. Whether you’re printing them on t-shirts, drink cozies, or tumblers, these quirky phrases can turn ordinary items into conversation starters.

In this article you’ll find 75 most likely to cruise sayings as well as a list of ways to use these sayings.

Most likely to...cruise sayings for t-shirts

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75 Cruise sayings – Most likely to…

This list will have a variety of funny cruise sayings, more adult orientated ones as well as some more family friendly options.

In front of each saying you will add the words “Most likely to“.

1. Day drink

2. Be day drunk

3. Be at the buffet

4. Wear socks with sandals

5. Forget their cabin number

6. Get lost on the ship

7. Get shipfaced

8. Not give a ship

9. Be boozin’

10. Miss the ship

11. Get seasick

12. Be found at a deck party

13. Kiss the captain

14. Make their own towel animals

15. Photobomb every picture

16. Forget which port they are in

17. Not know the name of the ship

18. Wear a life jacket to bed

19. Max out the drink package

A note on this one. Carnival cruise line currently has a 15 alcoholic drink maximum per day.

20. Eat the straw first

This is another great one if you are going on a Carnival cruise. They have candy straws.

21. Send deck pics

22. Loose their cruise card

23. Sleep through breakfast

24. Overpack

25. Book a cruise while on a cruise

26. Drink the rainbow

27. Forget to pack underwear

28. Eat ice cream after every meal

29. Win at trivia

30. Stay up all night

31. Organize matching shirts

32. Complain about matching shirts

33. Be up at sunrise

34. Be asleep in a lounge chair

35. Be found on the dance floor

36. Start a line dance

37. Snuggle a towel animal

38. Be up at sunrise

39. Try every frozen cocktail

40. Befriend the bartenders

41. Eat dessert first

42. Fall asleep in the sun

43. Have a drink for breakfast

44. Gamble all night

45. Get left at the port

46. Get a little salty

47. Be found pub crawling

48. Be sitting at the pool bar

49. Spend the day on the water slides

50. Stay in the hot tub all day

51. Drink the most

52. Fall overboard

53. Make the most new friends

54. Be found in the casino

55. Get a sunburn

56. Be napping

57. Rock the boat

58. Be eating ice cream

59. Join in

60. Star in a pool side game

61. Be duck hunting

For those that don’t know, on several cruise lines, hiding and finding rubber ducks has become a fun activity.

62. On the basketball court

63. Avoiding my parents

64. Hiding from family

65. Drunk by noon

66. Need a cocktail

67. Pee in the pool

68. Forget sunscreen

69. Be in the gym everyday

70. Swaying with the ship

71. Drinking wine

72. Spending Dad’s/Mom’s money at the arcade

73. Be sitting on a bar stool

74. Forget the day of the week

75. Embarrass themselves

Imagine how great your group would look in shirts with these most likely to cruise sayings shirts.

Most Likely to cruise shirt

Cruise sayings most likely to shirt.

It isn’t just t-shirts that these cruise sayings can be added to. It would also be great on tumblers or travel mugs.

Here is a tumbler that it looks like it can be personalized however you’d like. You choose your color, font and design. Then you can specify the text you’d like. These would also make a great cruise souvenir.

Custom cruise tumblers.

I hope this has given you some great ideas for funny cruise shirts. Most likely to cruise sayings are great conversation starters and add so much fun to your cruise vacation.

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