The Carnival Cruise ship tale with the words is coffee free on a Carnival Cruise plus other free drinks

Is Coffee Free on Carnival Cruise?

Yes! Coffee is free on a Carnival cruise 24 hours a day. You will find both regular and decaffeinated coffee at self-serve beverage stations in the Lido Marketplace, the buffet restaurant on Carnival ships.

Coffee is also served free of charge in the main dining rooms.

Regular and decaffeinated coffee machines at the self serve beverage station on a Carnival Cruise
Self-serve free coffee machines on Carnival Vista cruise ship

Cruise tip- if you are a big coffee or tea drinker, bring your own travel mug. The coffee mugs on cruise ships can be on the smaller size. Bringing your own travel mug will save you a few trips to the coffee station as well as keep your coffee hotter longer.

However, if you are looking for a specialty coffee or specialty tea, there is a charge for that.

If you are looking for premium coffee or teas on a Carnival cruise, you will find those at either the Coffee Bar or JavaBlue Cafe, depending on the cruise ship. You can see the Carnival specialty coffee menu in these links. I find the prices reasonable.

Free breakfast pastry with my coffee, puzzle and FunTimes on Carnival Radiance
Coffee and tea from the JavaBlue Cafe or the Coffee Bar costs extra.

This might then make you wonder what other drinks are free on a Carnival cruise.

What drinks are free on a Carnival Cruise

On a carnival cruise you can enjoy regular and decaffeinated coffee, regular tea, hot chocolate, iced tea, and lemonade free of charge. In the mornings you will also see a selection of juices including, orange juice, apple juice, and orange passion fruit guava cocktail.

Free juice on Carnival cruises.  Juice dispenser

The selection can vary, however, these were available on my last few Carnival cruises.

You will find all of these along with ice and water at beverage stations located throughout the Lido Marketplace restaurant. This is the name of the buffet restaurant on Carnival cruise ships.

Other beverages will have an additional cost.

Carnival has a great selection of free drink options, and having many of these including free coffee available 24 hours a day is a definite bonus.

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