How to keep clothes wrinkle free on a cruise, including cruise packing tips and how to get rid of wrinkles when you are travellng

How to Keep Clothes Wrinkle Free on a Cruise

Here are some easy steps to take to help keep clothes wrinkle free on a cruise.  These steps include:

– Ways to pack wrinkle free

– How to help keep clothes wrinkle free during a cruise

– How to get wrinkles out of clothes on a cruise

How to keep clothes wrinkle free on a cruise.  How to pack wrinkle free and how to get wrinkles out of clothes while on a cruise ship.

Some cruise ships have a self serve laundry room however not all.  Your best bet is to try to minimize wrinkles to start with then use these tricks to get any wrinkles out of your clothes.

As a last resort, you can pay to have your clothes ironed by the cruise ship staff.  This option is pricey.  These easy ways to avoid wrinkled clothes on a cruise can both save you money and have you looking fabulous on your cruise vacation.

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Do cruise ships have irons in the rooms?

Cruise ships do NOT have irons in the rooms.  Unlike many hotels that have irons and ironing boards in all the rooms, you will not find irons in cruise ship staterooms.  They pose too big of a fire hazard.

Can I bring an iron on a cruise?

No, you cannot bring a clothes iron on a cruise.  Please do not even try, it will be confiscated if found, and more importantly, it is too big of a fire hazard.  Fires are one of the biggest threats on a cruise ship. 

Avoiding wrinkled clothes on a cruise starts at home

Choose clothes made from more wrinkle resistant fabrics. 

The first step in having wrinkled free clothes on a cruise is to prevent wrinkles to start with.  Travel Fashion Girl has a good article listing the best wrinkle resistant fabrics for both warm and cold weather travel.  You can find that here.

Be sure your clothes are wrinkle free to start with

Before you start packing, make sure your clothes are wrinkle free.  Iron them or use my lazy trick.  Put them in the dryer for a few minutes to get rid of any wrinkles that might be there.

Now it’s about the packing.

How to pack wrinkle free for a cruise

Garment bag

Consider a garment bag for your formal night clothes.  Be sure your clothes are hung neatly in the bag. Keep the garment bag hung up until it’s time to leave home for your cruise.

Roll instead of fold

Many people feel that carefully rolling your clothes instead of folding them reduces the amount of wrinkles when travelling.

Packing Cubes

Using packing cubes can help keep your clothes from moving around in your suitcase and getting wrinkled.

Pack Carefully

Pack your heavier items like your shoes and toiletry bag first. Place these heavier items on the bottom or the side where the wheels are.  When you close and stand your suitcase up, you don’t want these items crushing and wrinkling your clothes.

Don’t pack too early

While packing for a cruise can be exciting (or is that just me??) don’t pack too many days in advance.  Definitely plan what you are going to bring on a cruise, just don’t pack your clothes too early.  The longer they sit in your suitcase, the greater the chance of wrinkles.

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How to help keep clothes wrinkle free during a cruise

When you arrive on the cruise ship and your luggage has been delivered to your stateroom unpack right away.  Shake out your clothes and hang up most of them.

Cruise tip – you can ask your room steward for extra hangers.

How to get wrinkles out of clothes on a cruise

A few wrinkles are inevitable when travelling, however these tips can help get wrinkles out clothes on a cruise.

Use shower steam

Hang any wrinkled garments in the bathroom before your have a shower.  Hang them on the back of the bathroom door, not in the shower.  The steam can help release the wrinkles in your clothes.  After your shower use your hand to help smooth out any wrinkles.

Use wrinkle release spray

Pack a travel sized Downy Wrinkle Release Spray.  Spray it on your wrinkled clothing and smooth out the wrinkles with your hands.  Wrinkle release spray is a great cruise hack.

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How to keep clothes wrinkle free on a cruise vacation.  Tips on how to pack wrinkle free, how to avoid wrinkles in travelling, and how to get wrinkles out of clothes when on a cruise.

I hope these tips to help keep your clothes wrinkle free on a cruise have been useful.