Embarkation definition. What does embarkation mean and understanding the embarkation process

Embarkation – Cruising 101

What does embarkation mean?

Embarkation is the act of boarding (getting on) the cruise ship. It is the start of your cruise vacation. Embarkation day then refers to the first on the cruise ship.

What does embarkation mean? The definition of embarkation is the boarding of the cruie ship by the passengers.  It is the start of your cruise vacation.  Embarkation begins after checking in.

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Understanding embarkation

Embarkation is a cruise word that means the boarding of the cruise ship by the passengers. Before the embarkation process begins you must first check in at the cruise terminal.

When you first arrive at the cruise ship terminal, you will be greeted by porters who will offer to take your luggage. Be sure you have your cruise line issued luggage tags attached. Most cruise lines now have you print these out at home.

It is customary to tip the porters a few dollars. The luggage will be loaded on the cruise ship and placed outside your stateroom door later that afternoon.

Embarkation definition.  What does embarkation mean and understanding embarkation

Cruise check in process

A few weeks before your cruise you will check-in online. Bring that confirmation with you for the in person check-in.

The check in process happens inside the cruise terminal. You will present your ID, cruise booking documentation, and a credit card for your onboard account.

The cruise line will issue you either a cruise card or wristband that acts as your boarding pass, your room key and is the way you charge any extras to your room.

Some cruise lines, such as Carnival Cruises now offer staggered check in times. You choose your desired check in time online and are asked to only show up at the cruise terminal during this time slot.

This makes the embarkation process run smoother with less line ups and decreases the passenger wait time. My personal preference it to board the ship as early as possible. More hours of fun.

Once the cruise ship is ready to accept the new passengers they will announce over the loud speaker that they are ready to begin the embarkation or boarding process.

Just before leaving the cruise terminal, most cruise lines have you take a souvenir embarkation photo. There is no obligation at all to buy the photo. The photos will be displayed later on the cruise ship for your viewing. You have until the end of the cruise to decide if you want to buy it.

The checked in passengers will walk up the gangway to the ship. They will be greeted by smiling, friendly cruise staff. They will scan the cruise card or wrist band issued at check in.

With the “ding” of the scanner you have embarked on the cruise ship and your cruise vacation has begun! Grab some lunch, a nice cold beverage, and enjoy!

Embarkation definition.  Find out what the cruise term embarkation means.

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