What does disembarkation mean? Find the meaning and process here.


What does disembarkation mean?

With regards to cruising, disembarkation means basically getting off the cruise ship at the end of your vacation. Otherwise known as the sadest day of your vacation.

What does disembaration mean?  The definition and proccess can be found here.  Cruise lingo.

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Understanding disembarkation

Disembarkation happens at the end of your cruise vacation. It’s when you leave the ship for the final time.

The opposite of disembarkation is embarkation See the full description and process in this post.

The process of disembarkation actually begins the day before. Cruise lines may have slightly different processes but in my experience it has gone like this.

The cruise director has a talk that you can attend the day before where he or she gives a run down of how disembarkation will flow. They then later replay this on the T.V.s in the staterooms. It is recommended that you listen to this talk.

Luggage tags are delivered to your stateroom the day before. These tags are either lettered or numbered. The ones you will receive depend on your travel plans. If you have an earlier flight, you will receive a lower number or letter than those with a later flight or no specific plans.

What is disembarkation?  Find out the meaning and process here.  Cruise word golssary.

You may also receive a customs declaration form that has to be filled out.

The cruise line will sell transfers to the airport should you choose to purchase those. These are booked ahead of time, not on the final day.

The evening before disembarkation, check your onboard account for any discrepancies. Most cruise lines now make this easy by being able to access your account either through their app or through your stateroom T.V.

Unless you are carrying your own luggage off the ship (we never do) you will pack up your luggage the evening before. Be sure to leave a change of clothes, toothbrush, medications, and anything else you may need in the morning. This is critical.

Put your provided luggage tags on and set your bags outside your stateroom door by the time given. You won’t see your luggage again until you are off the ship the next day. It will be waiting for you in the numbered or lettered section.

Disembarkation meaning.  What is cruise ship disembarkation.

A word of caution

On our last cruise, the cruise director told a story of a previous passenger that had a little too much to drink the final evening of the cruise. He thought he had a great idea and was being efficient by taking his clothes off and packing it all up. He did as he was told and set his bags outside his door. The next morning he woke up to zero clothes in his room – nothing to put on. That poor person had to disembark with only a towel on. Don’t be this person.

Disembarkation process

The morning of disembarkation, pack up any remaining items and remember to empty your safe. Breakfast will be available. Get your final cruise ship meal in then wait in one of the public areas. They ask that you leave your stateroom early so they can get it ready for the next round of guests.

Throughout the morning you will hear announcements about when the ship has cleared customs, when disembarkation starts, and where they are in the disembarkation process. Listen for your number or letter to be called.

Have your cruise card or wristband (if your cruise uses those) ready as you will need it one final time as you disembark the cruise ship.

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