What is a bridge on a cruise ship

Cruise Ship Bridge – What is it?

When most people hear the word bridge, they picture a structure joining two pieces of land.  However, on a cruise ship, the bridge is something very different.

What is a cruise ship bridge?

The cruise ship bridge is the cruise ship’s control room or driving center. 

The bridge is where the ship’s captain and staff navigate (steer) the ship and plan the ship’s course.

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On a cruise ship, the bridge is off limits to most passengers.  Although, some cruise lines do offer behind the scene ship tours for an additional cost that have a visit to the bridge.

Cruise ship bridge is a cruise term you will want to know.  What is a cruise ship bridge?  Can you tour it?  Find out here.  Brush up on your cruise lingo.

How to tour the bridge on a cruise ship?

If you aren’t cruising with Royal Caribbean and a ship tour that incudes the bridge is of interest to you then check with your cruise line to see if they offer something similar.

Bridge is just one of several cruise words (cruise lingo) that you will want to know before you go. 

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