13 cool things you'll see on Carnival Celebration

13 Cool Things You’ll See on Carnival Celebration

If you are gearing up for a cruise on Carnival Celebration, get ready to be wowed. As one of Carnival Cruise Line’s newest ships, the Celebration is filled with little surprises you won’t want to miss.

Here’s a quick peek at 13 cool things you’ll see on the Carnival Celebration, see if you can find these on your next cruise.

Cool things onboard Carnival Celebration

I’ll put the location in a summary at the bottom incase you prefer to make a list and see if you can find them on your own.

1. Flamingos

These handsome critters are just waiting to have their photos taken.

One of the cool things to see on Carnival Celebration - flamingo

2. Army truck ice cream station

While there are several different places to find soft serve ice cream and frozen yogurt on the Celebration, you have to find the Army truck. This is definitely the coolest ice cream station at sea.

There are 2 flavors of soft-serve ice cream and 2 froyo or you can have a swirl (combo of the 2 flavors).

3. Old fashioned car

Look closely at this beauty, this was a popular duck hiding spot on our sailing. I found 2 in one day here.

Old fashioned car on Carnival Celebration

4. Coins

Many cruise ships have coins hidden somewhere on the ship. Be on the look out for the Carnival Celebration coins.

Carnival Celebration coins

5. Cruise ship replica

This is so impressive. The level of detail in this is just incredible, check out the chairs and even plants.

6. Ship control thing

Okay, so not the technical word. I don’t know the actual name, but thought it was cool.

Cool thing on Carnival Celebration ship control

7. Interactive map

At first it looks like a poster, but it is an interactive map. You can click on it and it shows where the Celebration crew members are fun.

Interactive map on Carnival Celebration

8. Clock shining on the floor

Another thing I don’t know what exactly to call it 🙂 And yes, it stood there long enough to watch it move 🙂

Cool clock on the floor of Carnival Celebration

9. Plant wall

I love the look of this. It instantly gives off a calming and relaxing feeling.

Plant wall on Carnival Celebration

10. Outdoor TVs

When you explore the Carnival Celebration, you will find 2 outdoor seating areas with TVs showing different sporting events. It is nice touch.

Outdoor TV on Carnival Celebration cruise ship

11. Shaquille O’Neal’s hand prints

Be on the look out for Shaq’s hand prints.

Shaquille O'Neal's hand prints

12. Miami postcard

It will be easy to spot the large Miami postcard on the Celebration. This is a popular photo opportunity spot.

Miami postcard one of the cool things on Carnival Celebration

13. Bolt

Carnival Celebration Bolt

Be sure to explore the ship, especially decks 6, 7, and 8. It is a beautiful ship with such attention to detail.

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Now, if you want to know ahead of time where to find these cool things on Carnival Celebration here are the answers.

  • Flamingos – deck 8 by Miami Vice pizza
  • Army truck – deck 8 aft in the Heroes Tribute Lounge which is by Pig & Anchor Brewhouse
  • Old fashioned car – deck 6
  • Carnival Celebration coins – deck 6 by the Golden Jubilee bar
  • Ship control thing – deck 6 also by the Golden Jubilee
  • Interactive map – deck 6
  • Clock in the floor- deck 7
  • Plant wall – deck 8 aft by the Summer Landing pool
  • Outdoor TVs – deck 8 outside of Pig & Anchor
  • Shaq’s hand imprints – deck 16 Aft
  • Miami postcard – midship deck 8
  • Bolt car – Deck 17 ( I believe it was – maybe 18)