Cruise tips

Tipping on a cruise explained. What is tipping, who do you tip, how much and how do you tip. It's all answered here.

Tipping On A Cruise

What is tipping on a cruise? Tipping on a cruise is extending a monetary amount to the service-orientated crew members for their outstanding service.  Most cruise lines now automatically charge a set amount per person per day which can either be prepaid or will be added to your shipboard account.  The cruise tips charged varies …

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11 Cruise ship motion sickness prevention tips

Ways to Help With Seasickness

Seasickness can spoil your cruise in a hurry, and the fear of getting seasick can stop you from having the holiday of a life time. Here are 8 non medicated ways to help with seasickness.

Dunn's River Falls Jamaica. If your Caribbean cruise stops in Jamaica consider Dunn's River Falls for a shore excursion

Dunn’s River Falls Jamaica

Dunn’s River Falls is a beautiful sloped waterfall just outside of Ocho Rios Jamaica that you can climb up escorted as you hold hands with others in your group. This post contains affiliate links.  If you click a link and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission at not extra cost to you.  …

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