Carnival Panorama tips and tricks to help you have the best cruise vacation

Carnival Panorama Tips – 13 Cruise Tips to Maximize Your Fun

I thought I’d share some tips and tricks I learned after our recent Carnival Panorama cruise. These Carnival Panorama cruise tips will help you make the most out of your cruise vacation.

We sailed on the Carnival Panorama for 6 nights out of Long Beach in mid February 2024 and had a great time. I love the Carnival Vista class ships.

Carnival Panorama tips and tricks

Carnival Panorama Tips and Tricks

1. Use the sauna for free

Many people don’t realize that there is a sauna in the fitness center change rooms that are free for anyone to use.

Head up to deck 12 forward, in both the men’s and women’s locker rooms you will find the sauna. No need to bring a towel, they have ones there you can use.

You can use the Carnival Panorama sauna for free
Carnival Panorama sauna

2. Secret decks!

Carnival Panorama has some secret decks that most don’t know about. If you are looking for a peaceful spot with some amazing views, go to deck 7. Walk all the way forward past the passenger staterooms. You will find an unmarked door that leads outside.

Here you will find a small deck with spectacular ocean views. The bridge is right above this deck. There is also a small outside staircase that leads to the deck 6 secret deck.

You can access this area from deck 6 but I found the odd small door more difficult to open. There is no seating on secret deck 6 or 7, however, it’s worth a visit.

View from Carnival Panorama secret deck

3. Fresh Creations salad bar

There is a delightful salad bar on the Serenity deck (deck 15) called Fresh Creations. There is no charge to eat here and there are very limited hours. It is open on sea days only and only from 12:00pm – 2:30pm.

The line can be long so I’d suggest going right at noon.

4. Ocean Plaza Bar has specialty coffee

Before stepping in line at the JavaBlue Cafe, check the line at Ocean Plaza bar. They are beside each other on deck 5.

Many people don’t realize that the exact same coffee menu is available steps away at the Ocean Plaza bar. The line here is almost always shorter.

5. Free breakfast pastries at the JavaBlue Cafe

First thing in the morning, there will be a selection of complimentary breakfast pastries at the JavaBlue Cafe.

These pastries are similar to the ones in the Lido Marketplace buffet, but are conveniently located where specialty coffees and teas are found.

Later in the morning, the free pastries are replaced with donuts, cakes, and other items for an additional charge.

Free breakfast pastries early morning at Java Blue cafe on Carnival Panorama

6. Gelato

While most people know that soft serve ice cream and frozen yogurt are available, you may not know that you can also get gelato complete with different toppings.

There is a gelato station in the Lido Marketplace buffet. Each day there are two flavors available and several toppings you can add.

Carnival Panorama gelato station
Carnival Panorama gelato station

7. Spiked milkshakes & regular milkshakes

Yes, spiked milkshakes are a thing. The JavaBlue Cafe is also the Shake Spot where you can get delicious milkshakes. Regular or spiked, they serve up both.

8. Spa day passes are available

Before sailing, you can only prepurchase weekly passes for the spa relaxation areas, however on the ship you can purchase a day pass.

Sign up for one on the first day of your cruise as they can sell out. Port days are often quieter in the spa.

Enjoy the whirlpool, tile loungers, experience showers and amazing ocean views. When we cruised (Feb 2024) the rate was $68.00 for a day pass.

9. Guy’s Burger lines

There are two lines at Guy’s Burger Joint and many people don’t realize this right away. The line closest to the doors to the Lido Marketplace buffet is often shorter and at times considerably shorter.

People often arrive at the pool deck and see the one (often long) line for a Guy’s burger without realizing there is a second line.

Carnival Panorama cruise tip - there are two lines for Guy's Burger joint.

10. The buffet has a menu

There is a menu board at the start of the buffet. I love this feature.

Instead of walking up and down the buffet line peeking over people’s shoulders, or filling your plate with something that will do only to find something better, check out the menu first.

You can quickly see what is offered that day. It can help you decide faster if you will eat there or at one of the other venues.

Carnival buffet menu

11. Funfetti cake

Try the popular funfetti cake on the first day. It was in the dessert section of the MarketPlace buffet restaurant on deck 10. But I only saw it on embarkation day.

Carnival Funfetti cake

12. Seaday brunch is busy

If you are planning on going to a seaday brunch, check in early on the app for a table. We checked in for a table on the first sea day at 9:15 and it said there was 100-110 minute wait. And the wait time was fairly accurate.

Keep an eye on the wait times on sea day. You will find this on the Carnival Hub app. You may want to check in (basically reserve a table) earlier than you hope to go.

The good thing about a cruise is that you won’t go hungry. If you are set on the sea day brunch and have a two hour wait, you can definitely find something to tie you over.

13. Outside of deck 5 has great seating

If you are looking for a quieter but comfortable outside seating area be sure to check out deck 5.

There are several doors accessing the outside of deck 5. There are great seating options all along, from table and chairs to lounge chairs to round day beds.

This is my favorite area on the Carnival Panorama.

Some of the outside seating on deck 5 of the Carnival Panorama

Here is another photo of deck 5. See what I mean, such a great area.

More seating options on Carnival Panorama deck 5

I hope these Carnival Panorama cruise tips and tricks have helped you get excited for your upcoming cruise on this beautiful Vista class Carnival cruise ship. If you have previously sailed on Carnival Horizon or Carnival Vista you will notice many similarities.

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