Carnival Panorama - A good ship for teens?

Carnival Panorama: Why Your Teens Will Love This Ship

Planning a family cruise vacation can sometimes leave parents wondering if their teens will have enough to do to keep them entertained. The Carnival Panorama cruise ship is a great choice as there is something for all ages. Here’s a rundown of why your teens will love the Carnival Panorama cruise ship.

19 reasons teens will love Carnival Panorama

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19 Reasons Carnival Panorama is a good ship for teens

Sky Zone Trampoline

Many teens love trampolines and I believe the Panorama is the only ship to have a Sky Zone trampoline park. It’s the perfect outlet for all that energy!

Kids can participate in either an open jump or a glow in the dark jump. There are different time slots depending on the kids ages. Kids aged 6-14 jump together while 15+ have their own time. This also a toddler jump for ages 0-5 if you have young children as well.

When we sailed in February 2024 the prices started at $15 for the open jump and $20 for Glow.

Sky Zone trampoline park on Carnival Panorama


Talk about a view! The SkyRide puts your teen on a bike, high above the deck, as they pedal around the ship. It’s not just a ride; they can race a family member or new friend.

There is no cost for this activity. The Sky Ride doesn’t operate when there are high winds, so I would suggest riding it early on in your cruise incase the weather turns and you don’t get a chance to later.

Carnival sky ride

Basketball Court

The basketball court on the Panorama is a popular spot for teens and adults alike. Join a pick up game or shoot hoops. At times the basketball court will also host other activities like volleyball and soccer.

Carnival Panorama basketball court

Teen Clubs: Circle C and Club O2

Teen hang out for ages 15-17 on Carnival Panorama.

Mini Golf

Who doesn’t love mini-golf? This family-friendly activity is perfect for some light-hearted competition. Let’s see if your teen can beat you at a round of putt-putt with ocean views.

Mini golf area on Carnival Panorama

Ropes Course

For adventure-seeking teens, the ropes course offers thrilling heights and challenges. It’s all about conquering fears and having a blast while navigating through obstacles with ocean views. This is another great free activity that teens will enjoy.

Carnival Panorama ropes course

Outdoor Fitness Area

For the teens who love to keep up with their fitness routine, or perhaps start a new one, the outdoor fitness area is decked out with all the equipment they need to stay active in the most scenic gym they’ll ever visit. It is conveniently located near the basketball court.

Outdoor fitness area on Carnival Panorama.

Table Games: Ping Pong, Shuffleboard, Foosball, Billiards

It’s the simple things that sometimes offer the most fun. These classic table games provide endless entertainment and a great way for teens to make new friends.

You can find these games outdoors in the Sports Square.

Ropes course about the billiards tables on Carnival Panorama

Bean Bag Toss (aka corn hole)

Teens can enjoy the sunshine and sea air while engaging in some friendly competition with these outdoor games. It’s a relaxed way to spend time, especially after a day full of activities.

Bean bag toss game on a cruise ship


Packed with the coolest video games and prize machines, the arcade is the ultimate hangout for teens. There is even a virtual reality experience game.

A tip for parents – be sure your teen knows how much they are allowed to spend a day at the arcade. On our sailing (Feb 2024) the VR game started at $5 and the other games were in the $1.50-$3 range.

Carnival Panorama arcade

The Clubhouse

Nestled in the Sports Square, The Clubhouse is a great indoor spot for teens looking to enjoy some friendly competition or hang out with new friends. From foosball and ping pong to the unique experience of Sky billiards and a mini bowling lane, it’s a cozy indoor spot packed with fun.

Clubhouse on Carnival Panorama cruise ship

Ice Cream and Gelato

Ice cream and gelato? Yes, please! This sweet treat is a surefire hit with teens (and let’s be honest, adults too). I was guilty of having my daily dose.

You will find soft serve ice cream and frozen yogurt stations in the Lido Marketplace. There is also a gelato station in the buffet restaurant serving up two flavors a day complete with all the candy toppings.

There is no charge for either the soft serve or the gelato.

Carnival Panorama gelato

Outdoor Movies

There’s something magical about watching a movie under the stars, especially when floating on the ocean. With blockbuster hits and popcorn (extra cost of the popcorn), it’s an experience your teen will love. Carnival calls their poolside movies “Dive In”.

Carnival cruise tip – the poolside towel station has fuzzy blankets that you can borrow. They are perfect for movie nights.

Outdoor poolside movie screen on Carnival Panorama cruise ship

Deck Parties

The deck parties on Carnival Panorama are legendary. With music, dancing, and themes like the Mega Deck Party, Silent Disco and the White Hot Party, your teen will have the time of their life. The deck parties are all family friendly.

Carnival Panorama silent deck party

Access to Food

Teens are always hungry, and on the Carnival Panorama, they can snack to their heart’s content. With a variety of eateries serving up everything from pizza to delicacies, they’ll never be far from their next meal.

One of my favorite things about a Carnival cruise is that, in my opinion, they have the best free food options, especially for lunch.

Some of the places I think your teens will love, because mine did are:

  • Guy’s Burger Joint
  • BlueIguana Cantina
  • Guy’s Pig & Anchor BBQ
  • Lido Marketplace buffet
  • Pizzeria del Capitano (open 9:00am until 4:00am)
  • Carnival Deli

Guy's burger and fries

Comedy Club

For a night filled with laughs, the onboard comedy club presents both PG and adult shows. It’s a great way for your teen to unwind and enjoy some top-notch entertainment. The FunTimes daily schedule and the HUB app will specify which shows are PG and which are 18+.

Milkshakes and Mocktails

With a menu of delicious milkshakes and mocktails, teens can enjoy fancy drinks by the pool or anywhere on the ship.

Milkshakes are found at the Shake Spot, which is also the JavaBlue cafe. You can expect to pay $6.75 and up for a milkshake plus the 18% auto gratuity. Remember prices can change but this will at least give you an idea of what to expect.

Cruise tip – Ask for a shake punch card, your 7th milkshake is free.

Any of the bars on board can serve up delicious non-alcoholic drinks. While there is a charge for these drinks ($9.25-$10 plus 18% gratuity) a non-alcoholic pina colada or mango magic can elevate your teen’s cruise experience.

Non-alcoholic pina colada

Teen spa called Zspa

At the ZSpa, teens can indulge in spa treatments designed just for them, from facials to mani-pedis, in a space where they can relax and feel pampered. It’s the perfect retreat for those aged 13-17 to unwind and enjoy a touch of pampering.

Carnival Kitchen Cooking Classes

For the aspiring chef or any teen who loves to explore new skills, these cooking classes offer a hands-on experience making everything from sushi to cupcakes.

Many classes may require parent participation but it is a great way to bond while learning something new. These classes are very popular and on our sailing, many were sold out even before the cruise started.

You can see which classes are offered on your sailing online. Once you are booked, log in and under manage my booking, click on specialty dining. Here, in addition to the restaurants you can prebook, are the classes offered along with the prices.

Carnival Kitchen cooking class area
Carnival Kitchen (cooking area is at the back)

Carnival Panorama is designed to ensure that your teen not only enjoys their vacation but loves it. It’s a ship where they can explore, make new friends, and try something new. For these reasons I think Carnival Panorama is a good ship for teens.

My teen had a great time on the Carnival Panorama and I think yours will too.