Carnival Cruise Circle C kids club for 12-14 year olds. A club where younger teens can gather, meet new friends and take part in age appropriate activities.

Carnival Cruise Circle C Program (12-14 Year Olds)

What is Carnival Cruise’s Circle C?

Carnival cruise Circle C is the kids club for 12-14 year olds.  Information, activitis and our experiene with Carnival's Circle C.
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When I was planning our Caribbean cruise on the Carnival Dream, I couldn’t find much or detailed information on the actual activities offered in the Carnival Circle C program.

I’m hoping this can help others who, like me, like to read everything they can find before going on their next trip.

The whole reason we chose Carnival for our last cruise was for Circle C. My kids were 12 and 14 at the time I wanted them to be in the same kids club. Having them together in the same kids club upped the chances of them initially going and enjoying it.

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You will have to register your kids for the Circle C kids club. This can either be done online ahead of time or onboard.

The 12 year olds will be issued a wristband that they must wear through out the cruise. The wrist band will show their muster station (emergency gathering spot). The Circle C participants are able to come and go as they please. A parent does not need to sign them in and out like they do in the younger kids clubs.

The Carnival ships all have a seperated designated room for Circle C and have designated staff.

Carnival Circle C kids club room for ages 12-14
Circle C on the Carnival Pride.
Photo by Carnival Cruise Lines

Meet and Greet

Tip – Have your young teens go to the meet and greet.

Going to the meet and greet on the first day of your cruise is the best way to get them familiar with the activities available and to meet other same age cruisers.

If they wait until later in the cruise, they may find it more intimidating to go as they can feel like the other kids already know each other and have made their friend groups.

The meet and greet time will be on the Carnival HUB app as well as in the “Fun Times”.

Carnvial Cruise Circle C program for 12-14 year olds.  Our experience with Circle C Carnival and the activities offered.
Carnival Dream Circle C Kids Club
Photo by Carnival Cruise Lines


Keep in mind as always that things can and do change. The type of activity, hours, costs and procedures can be different for your cruise. This is meant to give you an idea of how things were for our cruise (Dec 2017) and how they may be similar for yours.

Carnival Circle C kids club explained
Carnival Circle C

In the Circle C room you’ll find the Activity Schedule for the week. On sea days there are activities from 12 or 12:30pm until 1am. On port days it doesn’t open until later, on our cruise they started at 4pm. There was also a dinner break each day.

On the activity schedule you will notice that some activities are unsupervised and some have an additional fee. These of course are optional. The unsupervised activities were ones that are out and about on the ship such as scavenger hunts and deck parties. The activities on our cruise that had an additional fee were the Build a Bear Workshop and glitter tattoos.

Some of the Circle C Carnival activities included taking the teens to other scheduled activities like going to watch the Lip Sync Battle, a show in the theatre, and the evening deck parties.

Active games

There were active games planned like:

Gaga ball (not even sure what this is)

Scavenger hunts

Ping pong games

Mini golf



Dance classes

Waterslide competitions

Carnival's Circle C Program, our experience and list of activities for 12-14 year olds.
Carnival Dream Mini Golf
Photo by Carnival Cruise Lines

Other activities

There were several other activities planned such as:


Movie time

Video games – PlayStation

Giant Jenga

Coconut smash (game)

Scratch’em art

Dolphin bank making

Glitter tattoos (for an extra fee)

Build a Bear Workshop (for an extra fee)

Most days they had “U Choose” time, this is where the kids could choose what they wanted to do. Video games, board games, and arts and craft supplies were all set out for them.

Printable kids cruise journal

Tip – Point out to your teens the phones on the walls throughout the ship. They can use these to call your stateroom.

There was one right outside the Circle C room on the Carnival Dream. To call your stateroom from any of these phones simply dial your room number.

As mentioned, activities and procedures can and will change sailing to sailing and ship to ship but hopefully this gives you an idea of what you can expect at Carnival Cruise Line’s Circle C.

For those with older teens Carnival cruise Club O2 is the free program for teens ages 15-17. Carnival Club O2 is available on all of Carnival’s ships and is included in your cruise fare.

What is Carnival's Circle C Kids Club (12-14 years) all about?  Top images are of Carnival Dream and the bottom image is kids club schedule and Carnival towel
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Happy cruising!