Carnival Club O2 Teen club for ages 15-17

Carnival Club O2: The Ultimate Hangout for Teens 15-17

As a parent planning a cruise vacation, you want to ensure that every member of your family has a fantastic time on board. When it comes to your teenagers aged 15-17, Carnival Cruise Line has you covered with Carnival Club O2—an exclusive space designed to keep your teens entertained, engaged, and making lifelong memories while you relax and enjoy your cruise.

Carnival Cruise Club O2 teen club for ages 15-17

What is Carnival Club O2?

Carnival Club O2 is a dedicated teen club on Carnival Cruise ships, specifically designed for teens between the ages of 15 and 17. It’s a safe and vibrant space where teenagers can connect with others their age, participate in exciting activities, and create unforgettable moments during their cruise adventure.

Carnival Club O2 Activities

One of the standout features of Carnival Club O2 is the wide range of activities available to teens. Here are some of the highlights your teenagers can look forward to. Keep in mind that these can change.

Theme Parties

Carnival Club O2 hosts fun themed nights that allow teens to dress up (only if they want), show their style, and dance the night away with new friends. The themed parties on our recent 7 night cruise were:

  • Welcome Aboard Party
  • Totally Awesome Throwback Party (80’s party)
  • Pirate Party
  • White Hot Night After Party (wear white if you have it)
  • Prom Court
  • Farewell Party

These themes can of course change. This is just meant to give you an idea of what is offered.

Carnival Celebration Club O2 teen club outdoor area.
Club O2 outdoor area Carnival Celebration

Video Gaming

A teen hangout isn’t complete without video games. Most ships have PlayStations with different games available to play.

Video Game Tournaments

Competitive gamers can test their skills in a video game tournament. Be sure to check the Club O2 schedule. A video game tournament was held on one afternoon.


Carnival Club O2 hosts karaoke nights where teens can showcase their singing talents in a supportive and entertaining environment. Or it’s the perfect place to step out of their comfort zone and give it a try. It’s a great way for them to express themselves and create memories.

Outdoor Activities

Some of the outdoor activities available for Club O2 participants are:

  • Ship wide scavenger hunts
  • Ping-pong
  • Bean bag toss
  • Foosball tournament
  • Mini golf
  • Ropes course

Foosball on a cruise ship

Indoor Games

Throughout your cruise there will be different game times scheduled. These will vary but can include things like giant board games (Jenga, connect 4), Twister, card games, group games, bingo and other board games.


Club O2 offers several craft sessions throughout the cruise. The sessions offered when we last sailed were:

  • Jewelry design
  • Painting
  • “Messy Mania”
  • Holiday fun (if you are cruising in December)
  • “DIY creations”
  • “Paper and glue”
  • Sand art

There is no cost to attend any of these craft sessions and some of them make great souvenirs.

Movie Nights

Teens can enjoy movie nights under the stars, complete with popcorn and blankets. It’s a cozy and enjoyable way to watch their favorite films.

Trivia Challenges

Your teen can test their knowledge with trivia challenges covering a wide range of topics. They can team up with fellow cruisers to answer questions and win cool prizes.

U Choose

Each day, and often several times a day, Club O2 will have “U Choose” sessions. Teens can choose what they want to do during this time.

Club O2 lounge on Carnival Horizon
Club O2 lounge on Carnival Horizon

Teen dinner

Attend the teen dinner in the Lido Marketplace (buffet restaurant) with your new friends.

You will also notice that on the Club O2 schedule there will be a few of the deck parties and production shows that are held elsewhere on the ship. For these, your teen can choose to attend these events with their new friends.

Please note that activities can change, this is meant to give you an idea of what is offered. The above activities were taken from the Activity Schedule on our Carnival Celebration cruise in December 2023.

The staff did say that the activities often the same ship to ship but can have slight variation.

Great Carnival ships for teens:

Supervision, Safety and Rules

You can have peace of mind knowing that Carnival Club O2 is a supervised environment. Experienced and friendly youth counselors are on hand to ensure that activities run smoothly, and that the well-being and safety of your teens are top priorities. They also facilitate ice-breaking activities to help teens make friends and feel at home on the ship.

Please note that there are some activities that take place elsewhere on the ship, like a scavenger hunt that are not supervised. These activities will be noted in the Club O2 activity schedule as well as on the Carnival Hub app.

Teens aged 17 and younger are not permitted in the public areas of the cruise ship after 1:00 am, unless accompanied by an adult in their traveling party.

Teens must be registered by a parent or guardian before they can participate.

There is no sign in/out policy for teens ages 15-17. They are free to come and go as they please. For complete rules and regulations, please see the Club O2 Activity Schedule either on the Carnival Hub app or pick up a pamphlet from Club O2.

Carnival kids club tip – have your teen attend the first day. If they wait a day or two, they maybe more hesitant to attend as they can feel the other kids have already made friends.

Club O2 Carnival Celebration

A Place to Connect

Carnival Club O2 isn’t just a space for fun activities; it’s also a place for teens to connect and form lasting friendships. Cruise vacations often bring together teenagers from diverse backgrounds and locations, providing a unique opportunity for your teens to meet people they might not encounter in their everyday lives. It’s a chance to make new friends, share stories, and create bonds that can last beyond the cruise.

With a wide array of activities and a welcoming environment for teens aged 15-17, Carnival Club O2 is the ultimate teen hangout, promising to keep your teens engaged, entertained, and eagerly looking forward to their next cruise adventure.

So, relax, enjoy your well-deserved vacation, and rest assured that your teenagers are in good hands at Carnival Club O2, where they are busy making memories.

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