Carnival Celebration Bolt roller coaster - what you need to know and our experience

Carnival Celebration Bolt – All the Info {First Hand Experience}

Bolt is the name of the roller coaster on the Carnival Celebration cruise ship and one of the reasons I was excited to cruise on this newer ship.

Carnival Bolt - all the info and my thoughts.  Top image is the roller coaster car and bottom image is us on the sea coaster

The Bolt Ultimate Sea Coaster is only available on Carnival’s three newest ships – Mardi Gras, Carnival Celebration, and Carnival Jubilee.

You will find the Carnival Celebration Bolt Sea Coaster on deck 19 aft (at the back) and is part of the “Ultimate Playground” which also includes a ropes course (free), sports court (free), and mini golf (free).

The track is 187 feet above sea level and runs around the always impressive Carnival funnel and is above the mini golf course.

Carnival Celebration Bolt roller coaster track above mini golf
Carnival Celebration Bolt track
Photo by Load The Luggage

The ride is two times around the track. There are two cars, each holding 2 passengers. A seat belt holds you in.

Carnival Celebration Bolt roller coaster track
Bolt roller coaster track on Carnival Celebration.
Photo by Load the Luggage

My thoughts on the Bolt roller coaster ride

To be honest, I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect. Would it feel slow? Would it be worth it?

I was actually surprised. It was more thrilling that I had expected, especially as you start your second lap you feel a boost of power.

While I do think that the cost is a little steep (see below), I do think that everyone should try it at least once. It’s not everyday you can say you rode a roller coaster on a cruise ship.

What is the Carnival Celebration roller coaster cost.

The cost to ride the Bolt is $15.00 USD per person. A ride is two times around the track.

There was a “family deal” which was book 3 riders but only pay for 2. The 3rd person is free.

Carnival Bolt roller coaster car

How do you pay for the Bolt?

You reserve your ride on the Carnival Hub app. You will choose a half hour time slot. The $15USD per person will be automatically charged to your onboard account.

One person can make the reservation for everyone in the family or just certain family members as long as you are all linked to the same Sign & Sail account.

Carnival Celebration roller coaster weight limit

There is a weight limit to ride the Bolt roller coaster. It is 300 pounds per rider. They do weigh you before they let you ride. Don’t worry, they don’t show your weight, just a green light if you are under 300 pounds or a red light if you are over 300 pounds.

Carnival Bolt height requirement

There is a minimum and a maximum height requirement to ride the Bolt on Carnival’s ships. You must be at least 4’4″ (52″) and no more than 6’5″ to ride. There is a sign that kids can stand up against to check if they reach the minimum height requirement.

Bolt requirements and restrictions

In addition to the weight and height restrictions mentioned above, there are a few other things you need to know.

  • Kids under 12 must ride with someone 15+
  • Closed-toe shoes are required
  • No wet clothing, no swimsuits, no dresses
  • Eye glasses must have a strap to be worn
  • Go Pros are NOT allowed
  • Riders can NOT be intoxicated
  • See the rules board at the Bolt entrance with warnings about people with neck injuries etc.

They will and did turn people away for not meeting these requirements.

Carnival Celebration Bolt roller coaster rules and restrictions signs

There are areas that photos are taken. You can see your photos later on the App or in the Pixels Photo Gallery (deck 8 mid ship). You can purchase either printed photos or a digital photo which you instantly download onto your phone. On our Dec. 2023 Carnival Celebration cruise, digital prints were $17.99USD.

Us riding the Bolt roller coaster on Carnival Celebration.

The Bolt’s operation is weather dependent.

Cruise tip – Ride the Bolt early on in your cruise. You don’t want to wait until the last day only to find out it isn’t operating because of rain or wind.

Carnival Celebration Bolt Summary

The roller coaster or as Carnival calls it, the sea coaster is a must try on Carnival Celebration. Yes it is on the pricier side for a short ride but it is fun, thrilling, and something everyone should try at least once.

Book your ride for early on in the cruise using the app. Wear closed-toe shoes and a dry t-shirt and shorts. Enjoy this innovative experience and then check out your photos.