19 Best air travel comfort items for a more enjoyable flight. Image is an airline window seat

19 Best Air Travel Comfort Items for a Relaxing Flight

Air travel can be a stressful and uncomfortable experience, but it doesn’t have to be. The right air travel comfort items can make all the difference.

These air travel comfort items are essential for long flights or a red-eye flight (overnight flight). Whether you are a seasoned traveler or taking your first flight, you will find this list helpful.

Air travel comfort items for a more enjoyable flight. Image is view outside an airplane window

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19 Best Air Travel Comfort Items

These long flight essentials will help you have a more pleasant and comfortable flight as well as help you relax and sleep so you can arrive rested and ready to explore.

1. Travel pillow

A good travel pillow is a must for a long-haul flight. There are a few different styles available.

The more traditional memory foam travel pillow.

The Trtl travel pillow, which is more of a neck wrap support than an actual pillow.

2. Airplane phone holder

A phone holder that attaches to the tray table is one of the best travel accessories. Especially with some airlines offering inflight entertainment only through your own electronic device.

3. Fuzzy socks

On long international flights I pack a pair of fuzzy socks that I use as slippers. Fuzzy socks take up a lot less room than slippers but provide that bit of comfort and barrier for your feet. A great international travel item.

4. Noise-canceling headphones

Noise canceling headphones are a great idea for any long trip, whether it is road trips or long flights. Eliminate the mumble of your fellow passengers and the constant engine noise so you can enjoy your movie, podcast, or your own thoughts.

There are a couple of different styles available. Over the ear and in the ear.

5. Nice smelling lotion

A nice smelling lotion is something you might not have expected to see as one of the air travel comfort items. Not only will a lotion help keep your skin moisturized on a long flight with dry air, but can help you feel a little more put together after a long day of traveling.

It is very important that your moisturizer be in a travel sized container that complies with the airline rules in order for it to be allowed in your carry-on luggage and get through the security checkpoint.

The rules may vary per country, but here is a link to the U.S. Transit Authority’s website regarding liquids or creams in a carry-on bag.

6. Toothbrush and travel sized toothpaste

Nothing can make you feel more refreshed than simply brushing your teeth. Pack a toothbrush and travel sized toothpaste (must be travel sized – see above) so that you can brush your teeth before landing, or in the airport bathroom.

This one comes with an antibacterial toothbrush cap and a reusable case.

7. Power bank

A power bank or portable charger with usb ports is a great travel accessory for frequent travelers. In the airport, you may not always be able to sit near an electrical outlet or charging station, and I don’t like to rely on the airplane having a working power outlet.

Make sure your power bank is fully charged before leaving home, and bring an extra long charging cord. The extra long cord allows you to keep the charger in your bag and your phone in use.

8. Reusable water bottle

A refillable water bottle is a must-have travel accessory for any type of travel as staying hydrated (with water) is one of the best tips from the Mayo Clinic to help fight jet lag. They suggest drinking plenty of water before, during and after your flight to stay hydrated .

Make sure to wait until after you are through airport security to fill you water bottle though or you will have to dump it out.

You could choose a good quality insulated water bottle like this one.

Or a collapsible one like this that doesn’t take up too much space.

9. Ear plugs

A good pair of earplugs are travel essentials if you plan on sleeping but like quiet and don’t have noise cancelling headphones or don’t want music playing in your ears.

10. Eye mask

A good sleep mask is great travel accessory for overnight flights and can help get some valuable sleep. This sleep eye mask is a great option as it has a contoured design that eliminates pressure on your eyes.

More great air travel comfort items

11. Air tag

While an air tag luggage tracker won’t provide additional physical comfort on your travel days, it does help provide peace of mind knowing you can track your luggage.

There are also several types of air tag protectors available such as cases and key chains.

12. Blanket

A soft travel blanket is a great air travel comfort item. This one is made from soft micro plush fabric, comes in a nice travel pouch that has both a clip and a suitcase sleeve making it easy to carry.

13. Lip balm

Lip balm is another air travel carry-on essential to help with the dry air on a plane.

14. Snacks

Bring your own snacks for flights. Bring your own healthy snacks so you can eat when you want to and not have to wait for the flight attendant to come around.

If you are flying internationally be sure to check the rules regarding what food can be brought into another country. Often fresh fruit, vegetables and meat are prohibited. Check this out before travelling. Things like protein bars are often allowed and make good options for travel snacks.

15. A good book

A good book can help you relax and enjoy your travel time.

16. Comfortable clothes

Wearing comfortable clothes on a long flight is key to being comfortable. Loose fitting clothes and comfortable shoes make all the difference. It is also a good idea to wear a zip up hoodie or cardigan over your shirt, that way if you are hot your can easily remove a layer.

17. Mints

Mints can help with dry mouth and will help keep your breath fresh. There is nothing worse than sitting in close quarters with others and realizing your breath may not be the freshest.

18. Download movies

Watching a good movie can help time pass both during the flight and during long layovers. Download movies on your phone or tablet before leaving home. Don’t forget your headphones and phone charging cord.

19. A pair of compression socks

A pair of compression socks can help with blood circulation and the prevention of blood clots on long haul flights. Healthline has an article on wearing compression socks while flying which explains the benefits and possible side effects.

19 best air travel comfort items for a more relaxing flight.  The image is an airplane cabin

Travel tip – to help you stay healthy when traveling you may also want to pack a few antibacterial wipes in your carry-on. It is one of those small things that can make a huge difference. After boarding the plane, one of the first things you may want to do is to wipe down the armrests, tray table, and seat belt. The last thing you want to do is get sick on vacation.

Before storing your personal item or carry on in the overhead bin, be sure you have your air travel comfort items with you in your seat. It can be difficult to access your luggage once the flight has departed, especially if you are in the window or middle seat and your aisle seat mate is asleep.

I would also suggest keeping the important things like your travel documents and passport on your person at all times rather than stored overhead.

Consider adding some or all of these air travel comfort items to your packing list for a more enjoyable travel experience. These travel essentials will help you survive a long flight.

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