A hair straightener and hair dryer with the words "are there hair dryers on a carnival cruise? and can you bring your own or a hair straightener"

Are there hair dryers on Carnival cruise ships?

Yes. All Carnival cruise ship staterooms have hair dryers in them.

If you are planning a Carnival cruise and trying to decide what you need to pack. One question you might have is, are there hair dryers on Carnival cruise ships and what are they like.

The good news is that there are hair dryers in all the cabins.

Most often on Carnival cruise ships, the hair dryers will be in a drawer of the desk. I actually really like this location. It saves bathroom space and allows you to use the desk as a vanity. There is a large mirror and drawers for your hair products.

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Here is a photo of the hair dryer in our stateroom on Carnival Radiance.

Hair dryer in the desk drawer on a Carnival Cruise ship
Hair dryer on Carnival Radiance

While the second person is showering, the first person can be drying and styling their hair at the vanity. The bathrooms aren’t usually large enough for two people.

If you are not too particular about your hair dryer, this is one item you don’t have to pack. Save room in you suitcase for souvenirs. I find that the Carnival cruise ship hair dryers in the cabins are similar to the small ones you often find in hotel rooms. On some ships they have been a slight step up from that. They however are still on the smaller side.

Here is the hair dryer that was in our cabin on Carnival Vista.

Hair dryer in the drawer on Carnival Vista

As you can see from the two pictures, the hair dryers do vary a bit Carnival ship to ship.

Can you bring a hair dyer on a cruise ship?

Yes you can bring a hair dryer on a cruise ship. However, cruise ship staterooms do have hair dryers in them. They are on the small side though. If you have a hair dryer that you love, go ahead and add it to your cruise packing list.

Can you bring a curling iron on a cruise?

Yes, you can bring a curling iron and/or a hair straightener on a cruise. Take extra caution to unplug your styling devices after use.

Cruise tip – plug ins are limited in cruise staterooms. Bring along a power bar for extra outlets, especially if you are bringing your own hair dryer and straightener. Not any power bar will do. This is important. It must be NON-surge protected. This one is the one I have and it is cruise ship approved.

cruise ship approved power strip

You can find it on Amazon here.

As you can see there are hair dryers in all Carnival cruise ship staterooms but if you prefer to bring your own you can.

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