About Me

Hi there! We are a mother daughter duo in a family of 4 and we love to travel, especially cruise. We also love the planning part of travel. We like to read and watch everything we can about our upcoming trips. It helps turn a week or two long vacation into months of fun. 🙂

Several years ago I, Sheri (the mom) was a travel consultant, that is where I first caught the travel bug and my cruise addiction.

Sheri at Load the Luggage.com

Cruising is my favorite type of vacation. There is so much to do yet it can be so relaxing if you choose. Wonderful food, yummy drinks and amazing crew members that make you feel special.

In one vacation you visit many wonderful places with no extra planning other than picking out a shore excursion.

We decided to start documenting our trips and share our tips and tricks that we have learned along the way. We hope to help others get excited about their next cruise vacation.

I hope our articles help you answer some of your cruise questions and that our cruise tips make your cruise even that more enjoyable.

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