2 Connecting staterooms vs one larger suite when travelling with teens. 6 Reasons to consider 2 connecting cruise ship cabins

6 Reasons to Choose Connecting Rooms When Cruising With Teens

Cruising with teens? Trying to decide what type of room (cabin) to get? Consider two connecting rooms rather than one larger suite. Here are 6 reasons why.

On a cruise ship, the rooms are called staterooms or cabins. These words are often used interchangeably.

Cruising with teens?  6 Reasons to consider 2 connecting cabins rather than one larger suite.  #2 is our most imporant reason we choose connecting cabins over one cruise ship suite

What are connecting cabins?

A connecting cabin or stateroom has an inside door connecting two rooms together. Most cruise ships offer inside connecting cabins (no window) and balconcy connecting cabins.

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Connecting cabins on a cruise

The cruise ship’s deck plan will indicate which cabins are connecting. There are a limited number available. You will definitely want to book these early.

We sailed in inside connecting cabins on Carnival Dream (room #6372 and #6374) when our kids were 12 and 14 years old. On the first day of our cruise, our room steward brought us a door stop to keep the doors propped open.

Be sure to ask for a key card to access your kids room so that you can always access it from the hall as well.

6 Reasons to consider connecting rooms over a larger suite

1. More room

Two rooms gives you more space than most cruise ship suites.

For example, on Carnival Dream, most inside cabins are 185 square feet. Junior suites and ocean suites are 275 square feet. Therefore, by getting 2 inside cabins you are enjoying 370 square feet compared to just 275 if you opted for one bigger cabin.

2. A second bathroom

Having a second bathroom when cruising with teens is incredibly important and is the main reason we choose connecting rooms rather than a larger suite.

This is my biggest reason for choosing connecting cabins when cruising with my family.

3. Privacy

Having the second stateroom and bathroom available means more privacy for both changing and for napping.

4. Double the closet and storage space

Cruise cabins aren’t huge, having the extra clothes storage space is definitely a plus.

5. Often double the perks

You would have to weigh this against the perks that cruise lines offer to guests staying in suites and see which is more beneficial to you.

As always, confirm any booking bonuses or perks with your travel agent or booking agent.

6. Often Cheaper

This depends on what type of cabin you want to cruise in. Price out 2 connecting cabins as well as a suite if that is what you are debating between. We have found that 2 inside cabins are less expensive than all 4 of us in a suite. While we don’t have a balcony, the extra bathroom is worth it to us.

Your cruise ship accommodation is definitely a personal choice and depends on your budget and preferences.