6 Reasons a cruise is a great family vacation. A cruise offers the perfet combination of famiy time, adult time and kid time.

6 Reasons the Whole Family will Love a Cruise

Have you thought about going on a family cruise but wondered if it is the right choice for a family vacation? Should you cruise with kids? Will the whole family love cruising? You bet!!

Cruising has become our favorite type of family vacation for a number of reasons.  Here are 6 reasons we love it so much.

6 Reasons a cruise is a great family vacation.  People often ask should I take my kids cruising, the answer is YES.  This explains why the whole family will love a cruise.
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6 Reasons a cruise is the perfect family vacation.

#1. It’s the perfect mix of family time, adult time and kid time. 

Cruising is a great family vacation choice, here are 6 reasons why.  A cruise is something the whole family will love, there is something for the parents, teens, and little kids.
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This is my favorite thing about cruising.  Most of the day you are together as a family either exploring a new place or enjoying the ship’s many activities, such as the water slides, mini golf, ping pong, or lounging by the pool just to name a very small few. Some ships even have activities like go carts, rock climbing, bowling, laser tag and even a roller coaster. Yes you read that right – a roller coaster! You will find that on Carnival’s Mardi Gras.  Activities vary by cruise line and by cruise ship. Check the cruise line’s website for details.

Picking the right cruise ship when cruising with kids. Choose a ship with lots of amenities. Carnival Cruise Line's Mardi Gras even has a roller coaster!
Bolt on Carnival Mardi Gras – how cool is that.
Photo by Carnival Cruise Lines

Then there are great kids and teens clubs with age appropriate games and activities that the kids will have a great time at.  Not only will they have fun and likely can’t wait to get back to, but with them enjoying their kid time, it allows you some much needed adult time. Each cruise line groups the kids by different age groups. If possible try to find one where your kids will be together in the same kids club. This will reduce any initial hesitation about going.

How to pick the right ship when cruising with kids. Check the kids club ages. Carnival Circle C is for 12-14 year olds.
Circle C on the Carnival Pride. Photo by Carnival Cruise Lines

The parents can see a show, listen to live music while sipping a beverage of choice or even try their luck at the casino. 

#2 Food!!!

One of the 6 reasons the whole family will love a cruise - the food!!

So many delicious options.  The venues vary from ship to ship, but you will always plenty of options the whole family will love. 

The best part – it’s made for you.  There is no planning, shopping, and cooking like you’d have to do on some other types of vacations.  That is definitely a plus when on vacation.

You will find traditional foods your kids are familiar with such as pizza, burgers, pasta and salads, but the choices go way beyond that.  A cruise is a great way for your kids, and even you the parents to try foods they may not have ever tried.

#3 Wake up at a new place to explore.

Waking up at a new place to explore is one of the many great things about a cruise.

A cruise is a great way to visit multiple places, and often places you otherwise wouldn’t visit.  No packing and unpacking.  No extra planning.

This is especially great for cruises overseas such as Mediterranean. 

You see multiple cities and countries without worrying about transportation or finding the right hotel.  A cruise can be a lot less stressful way to travel. 

#4 Entertainment

There are great entertainment options when cruising - something for everyone.  There is something for everyone on a cruise.  It makes the perfect family vacation.
Photo from Pixabay

There are so many things to do on-board.  In addition to the already great activities built into the ship like water slides, rock climbing, mini golf, etc., there are scheduled activities through out the day and evening.  (Not all activities are available on all ships – research your ship carefully).

The best part is, you can choose to do several, a few, or none. 

Entertainment as with everything else varies cruise line to cruise line and even ship to ship. Many of the cruise lines have big production type shows in the evening that the whole family would enjoy.   We have also seen a magic show, enjoyed live music and lounged under the stars watching a movie on the big screen while snacking on popcorn.

#5 Formal Nights

Cruise ship formal nights can be a fun experience for the whole family.  6 Reasons the Whole Family will Love a Cruise.

Not everyone may agree with this, but the kids may enjoying getting all dressed up and going for a fancy dinner more than you might think.

Don’t let formal nights scare you.  If you aren’t interested in that, you can choose to go to one of the other dining venues that night.  Another great thing about a cruise – it’s your choice.

#6 Memories to last a lifetime

A family cruise will create memories you will cherish for a lifetime.  Check out why cruising with your kids is so great.

Okay, this one is true for any holiday and not just cruises, but taking vacations with your children is so important.  Time goes by way too fast.

Cruising really is a relaxing and carefree vacation.  The cruise lines and even the ships within each cruise line differs greatly, as do hotels.  Be sure to choose a ship that fits your family’s needs. 

Have you taken a family cruise?  Did you absolutely love it?