16 Must have cruise essentials to take on a cruise. These are the best things to pack for a cruise vacation.

16 Best Things to Take on a Cruise

Here are some of the most helpful and best things to take on a cruise that you may not have thought of. Check out these cruise must haves.

Best things to take on a cruise vacation.  These must pack items are cruise essentials.

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The best things to bring on a cruise

#1 – Cruise Card Lanyard

If your cruise line uses the cruise card (like Carnival) as your boarding pass, room key, and a way to charge your purchases rather than the wrist band then you may want to consider a lanyard as a way of carrying your cruise card.

For other ways to carry your cruise card check this post out.

I like the look of these cruise card lanyards, and that you can detach your card if needed without having to take it off your neck. I personally wouldn’t use the pouch, I just find that a pain to have to take your card in and out.

#2 Beach Bag

Even if you don’t plan on doing any shore excursions to the beach, you will want to bring a beach bag for going back and forth to the ship’s pool. It’s handy for carrying things like a towel, sunscreen, water bottle and a good book.

#3 Outlet Adapters

Most cruise staterooms have limited outlets and with so many things to charge these days an adapter is a great way to increse the number of plug ins you have.

I like that this one has usb ports as well.

#4 Zip Loc Bags

Cruise packing tip – bring a few large zip loc bags. There are so many uses for them. From keeping that pastry you ordered from room service but haven’t eaten yet fresh, to packing your wet bathing suit, to keeping shampoo from leaking in your suitcase, to keeping your phone and important documents dry on a shore excursion.

#5 – Smaller Backpack

Use it as your travel carry on, then you can use again for taking on shore excursions. I like to use a small backpack instead of my beach tote when I’m going to be walking around exploring a port. It just makes it easier to carry and hands free. It’s great if you are going to be shopping in a cruise port.

This one comes in 11 different colors and is available on Amazon.

Ultimate Cruise Planner and Journal

These 9 Fun Vacation Shirts (for women) might be something you want to take on your next cruise.

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#6 – Smaller Bills

Take several bills in smaller denominations for tips (gratuities). These will be for tipping the porter at the pier who takes your luggage at the cruise terminal, room service, tour bus drivers, and shore excursion tour escorts in port.

These smaller bills won’t be used for your main cruise ship service gratuities. See this post on how tipping works on a cruise ship.

#7 – A Good Quality Water Bottle

A good quality water bottle will both save you money and keep your water cooler longer.

You can usually find water and ice machines in the buffet restaurant.

I would suggest a water bottle with a wider mouth to easily fit ice cubes.

The Yeti water bottles come in 26oz, 36oz, and 46oz. They open up fully so you can fit ice in.

#8 – Waterproof Cell Phone Lanyard Case

This is especially important to have if you are planning on doing any sort of water activities like snorkeling or climbing Dunns River Falls. Or better yet, invest in a Go Pro.

You can read more on these waterproof cell phone lanyard cases here. They do say they aren’t recommended for phones with thick cases on them such as Otterboxes. You may have to remove your case – be sure to read the directions and vendor recommendations thoroughly.

#9 – Sea Bands

If you are worried about sea sickness, pack a pair of Sea Bands for your cruise. They are worn around the wrists and use accupressure to help alleviate motion sickness.

For other non medicated ways to help with sea sickness check out this article.

#10 – Sweater or Cardigan

Even if you are cruising to the warm Caribbean, you will want to pack a sweater or cardigan. The air conditioning in the public rooms can be feel quite chilly.

16 Must have cruise essentials.  These are the best items to pack for a cruise.  Be sure to add these things to your cruise packing list.

#11 – Biodegradable Sunscreen

Biodegradable sunscreen is especially important if you are going to be doing any sort of water or beach excursions. Do your part to help protect the precious marine life.

#12 – Travel Coffee Mug

The coffee mugs on the cruise ships can be on the small side.

I have the seafoam green Yeti and love it! I take it everywhere. I purchased a handle for mine.

#13 – Bandaids

Throw a few bandaids into your cruise toiletry bag, these will help with not only cuts and scrapes but I bring them along incase I get blisters.

#14 – Small Travel Umbrella

Pack a small foldable travel umbrella in your shore excursion bag. I bring it along more for shade than for protection from rain.

This compact folding travel umbrella can be found on Amazon here.

#15 – Portable Charger

Don’t let your phone, which is likely your camera, die. You don’t want to miss out on capturing your cruise vacation memories because your phone is in your room charging.

When packing for your cruise add a portable charger also known as a power bank so that you can charge your devices anywhere – poolside, in port, or on your flight or car ride to start your cruise vacation.

#16 – Beach Chair Towel Clips

Towel clips are especially nice on a cruise as there is always a slight breeze. These clips which come in some really cute styles help keep your towel from blowing off or constantly blowing onto your shoulder.

Aren’t these beach towel holders so cute? There are so many diffent styles and colors available.

If you are looking for a great stateroom organization hack or want to decorate the outside of your cruise cabin door – check out this post on cruise magnets.

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16 Best things to take on a cruise.  Add these must have cruise essentials to your travel packing list.

Add these helpful cruise items to your cruise packing list. Other articles you might find helpful in planning your next cruise vacation: